The Apoplectic Mainstream Media…

There is a level of angst, and pure unmitigated anger, so apparent in many of those who write for mainstream media publications as to make one wonder if they’ll all manage to physically and/or psychologically survive the first term of Donald Trump.  E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post is a perfect case in point.  He was decidedly anti-Trump during the election run-up but he has become a much nastier version of himself, in my opinion, now that Trump is the President-Elect.

Those of us who are conservatives have known for a long, long time that the media, in general, is not with us.  We are viewed as something that evolved from the Neanderthal period, with our evolution apparently having been stopped in mid-stream. Even media outlets claiming to be conservative aren’t always able to pull it off.  It is not at all uncommon for such outlets to have token liberals on staff so that they can claim they are not fully off the reservation in terms of opinion.

The election of Donald Trump is exposing the mainstream media’s biases to the full light of day, and that mainstream media is even angrier since it seems unable to control its impulses.  There are pieces being published that are barely intelligible given the anger that drove the writer.  Dionne’s opinion piece today makes that point well.  One can almost see the spittle flying as he talked to himself while writing.

And the primary driver of this very public anger is President-Elect Donald Trump himself.  It seems obvious to me that Trump could not care less about the angst of much of the media.  He does not accept the pseudo-challenges thrown at him and that further exacerbates what the media giants feel.  These people are unaccustomed to throwing stones and having no one, or very few, observe the ripples.  Trump, the contrarian, is a real problem in their world since he largely ignores their rants.

As if Trump, himself, was not a sufficient target, he is making some picks for his cabinet and his advisory staff that defy the common thoughts of just who and what are capable advisors.  I find these picks bring exciting prospects to what has been a staid old typical government in our country.  The idea that a politician who has stayed in office for multiple terms is the most qualified for this post or that post does not hold water in every case.  As a former military guy, I love to see the multitude of general officers on his team.  This team will get it done, and if anyone gets in the way, they’ll be run-over with logic and planning and plain talk.

Enter the Congress.  Will Congress give its approval of these selections or will Congress try to use this as another ‘bully pulpit’ to go after this naive, know-nothing President-Elect?   Will the Republicans who are still nursing hurt feelings put on their adult costumes and make intelligent decisions?

It seems obvious that the ‘same old, same old’ has been tossed out the window.  Will there be some bumps during the ride?  I’d be amazed if that were not the case since there are usually bumps in the road for the old ‘pros’, too.  The Trump team is an exciting blend of politicians and experienced citizens and former military.  This team is probably the most exciting team I’ve seen assembled in many elections.  This team has international experience.  This team will be held to very high standards by President Trump.  This team, this White House, has the real-world experience missing in many earlier White House teams.  This team can, and will, hit the road running and it is unlikely it will slow down.  The military element means that we’ll see well-planned operations.  The selection of business people who have been involved in worldwide organizations is exciting.  They know how to do it.

I hope that the members of the liberal media can find it in themselves to calm down a bit, and to give the new guy in town some time to get rolling.  This will not be the honeymoon we saw when Barack Obama first hit the stage.  His inauguration was more a coronation.

I suspect that a few months into this new presidency, if the mainstream media can force itself to be honest, we’ll see some fairer reporting, some fairer opinion pieces and a general shift in attitude by at least some in the media.  True, there are those media stars who will still feel it necessary to be thorns under the Presidential saddle, but I suspect they’ll pay a price.

If I had to place a bet on the question of whether the media or the President would find a change in approach preferred sooner, I’d have to go with the media coming to understand the new reality sooner rather later.  This new President is not like any of the others we’ve seen in several terms.  This is, whether you like him or not, a very successful person as the world measures that today.  He is accustomed to making tough decisions and living with those decisions.  He can see the issues in real world situations clearly.  He will not shy away from picking up the telephone and calling another world leader.  He has also selected a good group of senior Administration officials and he will listen to them.  They may or may not change his mind, but they’ll get an audience.  And, they’ll be prepared when they sit in the Oval office as well as when they represent us to the rest of the world.  They are already accustomed, for the most part, to that kind of world.

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