The Left In Disarray…

The political left is in disarray following its drubbing in our recent national elections.  The state of disbelief is palpable.  It is almost painful, even for a conservative, to observe but we’d better get used to the pain because it appears the left is going to require a good long time to come to understand that their brand is dead…at least for the foreseeable future.

When we look at the Democrats in  Congress, we see only the tired old people who we have watched for years. Not only are those people tired, their ideas have been tried and disproven and there seem no new ideas to be found amongst them all.  It would be interesting, as an aside, to look at the average age of a Democrat versus the average age of a Republican in Congress today.

If we look at the liberal press, and there is much to look at in that world, their ideas are the same old tired ideas with a new coat of paint applied in hopes America can be fooled yet again.  There is a dearth of truly new thoughts.  The ideas brought forward are so similar to the old failed ideas that the American people appear to see through them instantaneously.  The ‘discussions’ last for a day or two and not the month or two of past decades.  The liberal press obviously is still alive but it appears to be running low on ideas as to how to breathe new life into their old party leaders.  Yes; the mainstream media is tied to the left if you hadn’t noticed.  Take a peek at the New York Times if you have any doubts.

The shock caused by Hillary Clinton’s defeat by Donald Trump seems to have sucked the air from the room.  My earlier analogy to anthills is quite apt.  Democrats are running around as if their hair was on fire and succeed only in bumping into themselves.  They are apparently so bereft of ideas that they continue to expound the ‘same old, same old’ in hopes that their old reliable America will awaken from this terrible sleep it has fallen into.

How could their old reliable America have been so bamboozled by Donald Trump and the Republicans?  What has happened to the love of our mainstream liberal ideas, they lament.  Why are we being plunged into this abyss?  What have we done or not done to be treated so poorly?

The media apologists, of course, cannot bring themselves to admit their favorites took a real beating at the polls because of their tired old beliefs.  The fear-mongering about a Trump presidency didn’t do the trick as they all thought would be the case.  And his preferred appointments are frightening , too, since they seem to be a good class for the incoming Administration, a class loaded with experience and accomplishments.

Will the left-leaning press finally get the message?  No!  They will continue to be ready, anxious actually, for any little thing they might be able to blow into a BIG THING in order to destroy President Trump thus limiting him to a single term.  Even if he were to be limited to a single term, he will have made changes in government and the judiciary that will last for generations.  The U.S. Supreme Court is but one example.

Will there be gaffes? Certainly.  President-Elect Trump is accustomed to speaking without any apparent reflection on the question.  He is accustomed to the world of commerce which is why he has moved so quickly to line up his preferred team.  And that preferred team has some real heft to it.  It is somewhat unconventional by comparison to the other ‘teams’ we’ve seen in Washington but there are a bunch of winners in this group.  If they get their marching orders and are left to do what needs to be done, it’ll happen.  Some in Congress will wail and lament, but this Congress can make these things happen without delay.

Going beyond our borders, there are many watching diligently as this new team is built.  There seems a new vibe in the District of Columbia.  I expect that the advantage this team has will be exploited very quickly.  The media has and will continue to lay its customary traps, but I expect this team will outwit that media more often that it will lose ground to that media.

But, we conservatives need to ‘get real’ too.  There is a mess awaiting the Trump Administration.  There will be additions to the current mess as political opponents and other countries work to take advantage of the situation.  You and I tend to forget the stakes that are involved for individuals, and we tend to think that all individuals will rise to address the needs of the country leaving personal wants behind.  WRONG!  This is another way in which President Trump will prove his full value.  Trump, the business person, has been  involved in deal-making that most people only read about.  He reads people very well and he knows when to hold ’em and he knows when to fold ’em.

Even us conservatives will need to cut him a little slack.  We may cluck over a decision or two, but I suspect his decisions will prove to have been dead-on when viewed over the longer term and in their totality.  When we look at the speed with which he started the day after the votes had been counted, we can get an idea of just what he’ll be like in office.  His announced appointments have been great and he is significantly ahead in that department over his predecessors.  That is what experience brings to the table.  Maybe especially experience at something other than politics.  The D.C. game has changed!

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