How Will The Democrats Deal With Trump?

The Democrats took a beating in the recent national elections, and they are currently reeling from the blows to their party’s body.  BUT, we should not forget that this is a political party that knows how to obstruct.  And, we should expect nothing less than obstruction at every turn.

The national press seems to have a continual love affair going with the Democrats so we can expect more of the same old, same old from that front.  This combination promises to give us all the excitement of a cat fight in a dark alley.  There will be article after article critical of anything and everything Trump.  The tiniest titillating tidbit will be overblown for days on end.

Already we see the indications from Democrats that the Electoral College ought to be abolished.  What did we expect given the popular vote totals that were in contrast to the Electoral College votes?  We have no right to expect Democrats to be as wise as were those who wrote our Constitution, especially when they came out on the short end of that stick.

There is a vacant U.S. Supreme Court seat to be filled likely with more to follow.  The bombastic display by Democrats/liberals will shake the earth.  The press will dig and, if they can’t find anything nasty enough, create controversy through innuendo-based counter-arguments.

We are in for a display of very  disgusting political arguments by the Democrats and we know those will be front-page news.  Congress will be the stage Democrats use because that is the only thing they have left to them.

We have no real idea of just how the then former President Barack Obama will act.  Will he be the typical former President keeping to himself whatever thoughts he has?  That seems unlikely since much of what he did during his eight years in office will be the subject of debate from day  one in the new Congress.  President Trump will likely be undoing some Executive Orders beginning within minutes of his inauguration.  Expect loud wails from the Democrats and the press…and maybe from the former President.

Remember the border issue.  That will be a big item in the days and weeks and months following the inauguration.  Deportation will probably be right on its heels as a favored topic.  Don’t forget about the “Black Lives Matter’ movement.  The bombastic leaders of that element will refuse to give up the front pages for very long.  A very workable ‘wall’ was shut down at the Administration’s order and that could be restarted very quickly.

Be ready for the coming “Summer of Our Discontent” brought to us by all who believe they have lost their voice given the new players in town.  Riots are certainly not out of the question.  We had a foretaste of those even before Trump won the election.

Not to be denied, the press will be working overtime to dig up dirt on the President.  I would not be surprised to learn that the first few stories on that theme are already written and that the press will hit the streets with those soon after the Inauguration.  Donald Trump is simply too juicy a target to just let him govern.

President Trump has already shown he is not tied to protocol as have been many of our past presidents.  The call to or from Taiwan gives us an indication of how that may unfold. The continuing posturing from Vladimir Putin in the Soviet Union promises to be something to keep an eye directed toward.  He will be anxious to test this new president to learn more about how he can be expected to act.

2017 will be anything but a boring year.  We will have a new President and he will be true to himself.  He will have some moments that he’ll wish he could erase.  They all do to one degree or another.  This is a man for whom rules were made to be changed or simply broken.  He is a hard worker.  He is outspoken.  He is, of course, a new shiny object for the opposition party to go after.  And they are already sharpening their words and shaping their arguments, although they’d probably be wise to take the attacking thing rather slowly lest it blow up in their face.

But the old reliable, the liberal press, will be hard at work to be sure we all see and hear enough about this new guy’s foul-ups.  They will ‘tut-tut’ and ‘cluck-cluck’ amongst themselves and on Sunday talk shows.  They will rip up cabinet appointments if given even the smallest opening.  If there isn’t something wrong often enough, they’ll create the issue.  The press is dependable and predictable if nothing else.

Buckle your chip-straps and make sure your mouthguards are in place.

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