‘All The News That’s Fit To Print’ – Really?

The New York Times slogan belies what the Times seems to be doing these days as it continues the damning of President-Elect Trump, blames that happening on Russian hacking and continues to generally raise the hackles of its readers.  I can’t blame the Times for it is simply being what it is and what it has been since its creation.  It is remaining true to self as the liberals’ maven, the beacon of truth as they see that truth.

All this, of course, since the Times is the liberals’ beacon, serves to drive the meme that somehow the votes were tampered with and Trump really didn’t win the election.  This is predicated on the Russians having hacked several states’ polling systems, etc., etc.  This also serves to provide some justification for Jill Stein’s efforts to ‘prove’ vote tampering in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  Supposedly, as the theory goes, the votes were intercepted and changed during the transmission of data from the various election clerks in those three states, or the states’ systems were hacked and changed to make Trump the victor.  I do not know of any actual evidence pointing to that supposition, but it fits nicely in this situation since no one in their right minds would’ve knowingly elected this man as President.

There was not much justification required to arouse the liberals since they believe as the Times preaches.  Liberals begin any internal debate with this simple truism:  conservatives are basically too dumb to help themselves or they wouldn’t believe as they do, thus we liberals who are all smarter than the average bear have to step up and correct the situations the ignorant conservatives create.

This all was brought on by us voters who voted for Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton.  That result simply proved, to liberals, there had to have been tampering of some kind.  The usually ‘blue’ counties in the states being recounted turned a distinct shade of ‘red’.  Red bad, blue good simply stated for all you conservatives who caused this catastrophe to occur.  Obviously, there had to be some kind of outside tampering.

There is a question as to just how long this meme will go on.  It might last for all four or eight years of the coming Trump presidency.  The New York Times and its dedicated readers will see to that if it is at all possible.

‘The Donald’ has proven to have a tough hide.  He may simply ignore this liberal implosion and go on about his new responsibilities preparing for the swearing ceremony in his near future.  He may well be swearing the oath while others are reduced to cursing the stupidity of ‘the voters’.

Unless Jill Stein manages to derail the Electoral College timetable with her recount protestations through the judiciary, the third leg of the stool, Donald Trump will become our next President moving up the ladder from President-Elect.

For all the claims to the contrary, liberals are not very good losers.  Conservatives tend to be more accepting of the wishes expressed by the voters than do the liberals.  Even though we are all part of the ‘basket of deplorables’, we seem to get the message when voters disagree with our positions.  We quietly lick our wounds and go about getting back to business.  We recognize that, when the opposition gathers more votes, there must’ve been something in our message that wasn’t resonating as we thought would be the case.

Maybe we don’t quite get to the point of believing that our candidate has been pre-ordained to the position being sought even though we’ve believed mightily in the person and the message.  We do not quite get into the visceral mood to decry the opposition as we are described by them.

I hope that we will get through this latest protestation by Jill Stein and her ilk and that we’ll put it behind us as a country no matter for whom we cast a ballot.  That is the very definition of our democracy.  We do not take up pitchforks and torches and storm the streets.  We may gather together and lament but we get on with getting on.

It might well be true that we conservatives are the adults in this scenario.  I have been disappointed but I have never lit a torch and marched through the streets.  I have never been in a riot on the other side; I have been there as part of the rule of order when some in Milwaukee lost their senses, so I know how that feels.

As if Hillary Clinton was not enough, we have to deal with Jill Stein as well!  So be it.

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