Trump Win Brings Added Benefits…

According to the Frank 151 website, we have some added benefits to look forward to now that we’ve elected Donald Trump as our new President.  Interviews with some of the more enlightened members of our U.S. society have brought these added benefits to light.

Cher of Sonny and Cher fame is quoted as saying “If he were to be elected, I’m moving to Jupiter.”  Apparently, Jupiter’s standards are somewhat sub-par by comparison to those in our country.

Al Sharpton, whom you recognize as always managing to be where the action is, was quoted as saying “If Donald Trump is the nominee, I’m open to support anyone, while I’m reserving my ticket out of here if he wins.”

Barbra Streisand, among the great sages of modern culture, was quoted as saying “He has no facts.  I don’t know, I can’t believe it.  I’m either coming to your country [Australia], if you’ll let me in or Canada.”  (As an aside, I doubt she’ll be admitted to Australia; those folks seem to have it together.)

Whoopi Goldberg, who needs no further identifying by me, was quoted as saying “I don’t want it to be, America.  Maybe it’s time for me to leave, you know.”

There you have it from a smattering of the liberal Glitterati from whom we expect such wisdom.  There were more such quotes on the site but four seemed quite sufficient.  Going unsaid, of course, was the fact that each was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, and each was vociferous in his or her lack of faith and trust in our President-Elect.  That speaks volumes about what they think of we conservatives.

The departure of this amount of brainpower at one time might leave a bit of an imbalance behind, but we’ll find our way through the forest.  In fact, we might find that we are almost instantly better off than when these people were still here.  There is not going to be a significant loss of wisdom if they were all to leave together.

Seriously, the idea that the opinion of any of these people deserves to find its way into print can only be justified if used to point up the combination of hypocrisy and lack of a full set of faculties, and what that combination can breed.

I cannot take Al Sharpton at his word, however, because he knows he is sorely needed here to help us incompetents see the real truth.  Wherever there is a police officer, there has to be a dose of Al Sharpton to bring his particular brand of common sense to the matter.  There is a surprising element to Mr. Sharpton’s appearances across our land, though, and that is the fact that riots seem to spontaneously erupt, and that only his control of the situation can calm the waters.

We ought to feel much better about having elected Donald Trump as our next president given  his potential impact on the liberal entertainment population; a favorable impact if enough decide to leave the country.  And I doubt that Australia is going to be the new home for many since the Australians have this neat idea that you ought to capable of supporting yourself in one of the positions they have open in their country before they grant you admittance.  And they didn’t even have to consider building a wall.  Of course, it is quite a swim.

Not one of the liberal elites leaving could cause us grave damage.  If we like their acting or their music it will still be available to us.  If we just couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without a dose of Barbra, we’ll just have to keep a disc close at hand.  And what would we lose if Al Sharpton took his ‘act’ elsewhere?  Maybe there would be fewer cop-haters.  Maybe there would be fewer contrived riots.  Maybe there would be fewer Sharpton press conferences through which he could try to burnish his image.

These are self-important people who have been encouraged by a fawning populace to believe that what they think is terribly important to the rest of us.  They have ‘earned’ fantastic sums, so they conflate that with wisdom, and expect that we poor, dumb commoners will fall into lockstep with whatever position they take at the moment.

Their departure is an unexpected bonus for us having elected Mr. Trump.  Let’s hope they live up to their respective pledges.



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