Us Poor Simple Voters…

We the people who vote and elect others to lead us seem to be pilloried because we did that recently when we selected Donald Trump to be our next President.  We weren’t pilloried as I recall when we were so erudite as to elect the current President, Barack Obama.  We were so smart then.  We had broken all the long-held beliefs and elected a person who had no significant experience at anything but being well-educated and having served as a back-bencher in the Illinois Senate for a brief period of time leaving no history of voting yes or no.

What changed?  We did what we were supposed to do, didn’t we?  Or is this ‘much ado about nothing’ simply stemming from the fact that we voters didn’t follow the dictate of the brilliant people who try to make our decisions for us?  Maybe that is the problem.

Maybe we are capable of self-directing only so long as we follow the dictates of those who are brighter than us by magnitudes.  That would, of course, include members of the fourth estate who opine endlessly about who is good and who isn’t; about who deserves office and who doesn’t; about who is ‘presidential’ and who is a ‘buffoon’ that might ruin the country.

We have obviously shown our ineptitude at governing ourselves by electing Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.  The smartest people in the world, the journalists who tell us what we should think, are simply beside themselves at the thought they do not actually make our decisions for us.  How could we be so stupid?  After all, they told us everything we needed to know in order to get Hillary elected as the first female President to follow in the footsteps of the first President of color.

We had been doing so well in our role as followers of opinion provided by columnists and editorial writers.  And then we simply blew it!  We elected a scoundrel and we seemed happy to do so.

And now what do we do but hang on the decisions the President-Elect is making about those who will be in his cabinet?  We simply have not learned our lessons.  We applaud when rumors have “Mad Dog” as the newest head of the Pentagon.

There has always been a danger that we voters will come to believe it is us who make the decisions.  It seems that the time has arrived.  We have made a decision and no amount of ink or blabbering by pundits is going to make us believe differently.  We wanted Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton as our President.  She has amassed some 2 million more votes but she didn’t get the Electoral College numbers that she needed.  That occurred thanks to the writers of our Constitution who had the wisdom to anticipate.  What would happen if there were more heavily populated areas in the country?  Without the Electoral College, those people would decide for the rest of the country who would govern.  So New York City and environs and Los Angeles and environs would run the country while all we poor people in fly-over country would do is pay taxes and fill roles in the military and provide the food and coal and consumer products for the coastal elites.

The elites have taken to blaming all this on Fox News since it must have been Fox that caused this ‘uprising’.  They completely ignore that we might have simply been fed up with this new order of things and that we voted to bring that ‘new order’ of things under control.  We did that and we are happy that we did that.  We did that in time to have an impact on the Supreme Court and the Congress and our role in the world.  We did that because we were not happy with what we got when we last followed the elites and elected Barack Obama as our President.

We did that because we are still the adults in this country and the twenty-somethings are not yet able to properly care for this great country.  We did this because we are tired of having been gullible and we did this to provide for a country that our children and their children could inherit and be proud of their inheritance.  We finally quit watching the shiny object while lapping up the pander of those elites who knew better.

We chose Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton because we did not want a continuation of the country’s decline that we witnessed under President Barack Obama.  This was a simple conclusion made by us simple voters.

No wonder the elites are confounded.

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