The Shift of Power…

When one political party has enjoyed having much of the power vested in it by the voters, only to be dumped to the side of the road eight years later, there is a near-frantic hurrying and scurrying that takes place.  We are, if we have nothing better to do, witnessing the goings on of Democrats/liberals being ousted from positions of favor only to be replaced by Republicans/conservatives on a daily basis in our nation’s capitol.  I likened that to stepping on an ant hill a week or so ago.

It ain’t easy to have been King of the Hill one day and awakening to find that you are now nothing or virtually nothing in the power-mad world of national politics.  It is easy for me to gloat in this cycle of change since the liberals are being dethroned and the conservatives are regaining those positions of power.  I read the writings of those of the liberal persuasion in order to understand what they are thinking, discussing and planning.  Among those is the publication that goes by the name Mother Jones.  Their electronic letter seeking more money began with this:  “How do we as journalists, fight back against the perfect storm of deceit and demagoguery that led to the election of Donald Trump – and a media landscape that blurs the lines between factual reporting, overblown hype, and downright falsehoods?” 

That letter went on to hit these buttons:  White Nationalism and Racism; Cronyism and Corruption, Cyberwarfare and Surveillance, Media and Fake Media, Vulnerable Communities, Organizing, and Climate and Environmental Justice.

The rage and rabble-rousing that is expressed, were this a conservative ‘rag’, would potentially be grounds for some governmental repercussions but this is a liberal publication so never mind.  This is what conservatives go up against every day.  Is it any wonder that we are often viewed by those of a different political persuasion as something that crawled out from under a rock?  This is not something that just happened.  This is the result of a long effort to demagogue and to create the narrative that exists today.

How do we conservatives choose to combat this?  We use the truth of our arguments and the actual results of their beliefs which have been implemented to show that we are on the right path.  Will conservatives become the leading political movement?   We defeated Hillary Clinton and the positions she held near and dear.  That certainly counts for something but we cannot afford to relax in our efforts to help people who have yet to experience the joys and the truths of conservatism.

Our institutions of higher learning tend to be dominated by liberal thinking.  There are nearly as many Democrats and democratic-leaning people as there are conservatives and conservative-leaning people in our country today.  Note that I did not use the term ‘Republican’ other than in the first paragraph and then only in conjunction with the term ‘conservatives’.  I have many friends who are staunch Republicans, but I believe they are even more conservatives than Republicans and may simply not have made that connection in their own minds yet or believe they get more of their opinion known within the party by being a party member.

I have chosen to not be an official member of either major political party for the reason that I am a conservative, and I want to be able to profess conservatism even though my votes are cast for Republicans since those people tend to be much closer to me in their beliefs than do the candidates on the Democratic ticket.  It isn’t that I want to do away with the Republican Party, but that I want to be seen as a “conservative” rather than simply as a “Republican”.

I dislike the ‘go along to get along’ ethos possessed by some Republicans when I would prefer a more conservative response to issues, but I do understand there are political realities and that sometimes one has to “go along to get along”.  I understand it but I don’t like it.  I hope and pray that Donald Trump and Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus show the rest of the country the way to a more conservative country.  There is much work to be done since the liberals are in a high state of disarray and have not yet learned the lesson.  That is shown by the re-election of their California-based leader who has done them no favors, but that is their problem.  They too will live to fight another day.  We have to capitalize while we have the opportunity.  There have been eight years of distinctly liberal change wrought in large part by Presidential edict.  That needs to be blunted and conservatism needs to replace it.  The Supreme Court needs more conservative Justices and there will be appointments especially if President Trump is re-elected.  Eight years is a long, long time as we were reminded by the Democrats and their liberal President Obama and his Executive Orders.

It is wonderful to have the freedom to write and discuss and to do so without fear of being hunted down as the result.  Now, if my Republican friends will still talk to me, I will be even more content.



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