Ripples on the Pond…

As a child I used to love to pitch a stone into a pool of water and watch as the ripples began and culminated at the shore; sometimes as they hit the shore they’d actually seem to reverse course and go on for a longer time.

We are witnessing other children casting their stones into the pond of Wisconsin and America to see where the ripples might take them.  These children are, unfortunately, adults but they are adults acting as spoiled children apparently because they didn’t get their way.  (My advance apologies to all children for this comparison!)

There are wild claims about voting irregularities when, in fact, this was a very clean election with few reports of problems at polling places.  Votes were cast, and votes were counted.  People lost and people won.  Some of the losers knew they were going to lose even as they filed their papers to be included on ballots.  Some seek recounts based on flimsy claims but, even in Madison, Wisconsin judges seem to be unwilling to respond positively given the facts that exist.

If you, for example, received only 35,000 votes out of the hundreds of thousands of votes cast, there is scant potential for a recount to change the reality.  The Green Party candidate, Jill Stein seems to have another plan since she doesn’t strike me as stupid.  She might prove to be ‘dumb like a fox’ as an old saying goes.  She might have some kind of longer-range strategy behind the recount demand, but it seems problematic at this juncture.  Not only did she lose, but the recount will cost her campaign some $3.5 Million.  The idea that she could appeal to enough people to amass this kind of money on a fool’s errand is astounding.  Maybe there really is one born every minute as an old adage holds.

President-Elect Donald Trump is actually acting quite presidential as he interviews candidates for positions in his administration and as he makes comments to the press along the way to his seat in the Oval Office in the White House.  He even looks like he might just turn out to be a very good President; so much so that Democrats are scared that they really misplayed their hand by fielding Hillary Clinton as their candidate thinking she was a shoe-in.

Time will tell but initial indications seem quite positive given how dumb and ill-equipped this guy was supposed to be.  And, the person whose turn it was, who was to be the first female President is reduced to helping to fund the ridiculous Green Party recount effort in Wisconsin.  This is so ill-advised that it makes one almost have to seek out the ‘real’ reason for this support.  Politics is a game played out over a long time when it is played at this level.  Maybe Jill Stein will reappear in time in another iteration.

There is an old saying about it ‘being all over but for the shouting’ that seems appropriate even though the losers have not yet apparently fully grasped their wipe-out at the polls.

Ripples on a pond might be very good medicine for the losing side.  Maybe those folks would benefit from the quiet gentleness of those ripples.  Even when a huge stone is heaved into the pond, it results in those same gentle ripples even though it takes a bit longer to see them develop.  I hope the losers can find whatever they need to enable their acceptance of this reality.  It is very real.  Donald Trump is set to become the next President of the United States of America, and I’ll not be surprised to see him become one of the best we’ve seen in this office in our lifetimes.

Chill Dems!

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