Good Faith…

Such a simple concept; Wikipedia says:  Good Faith is fair and open dealing in human interactions.  This is often thought to require sincere, honest intentions or belief, regardless of the outcome of an action.

As we look across the spectrum of news and politics, we see, from my perspective, a very decided lack of good faith.  The recount brouhaha is but one small example of a situation that cries out for good faith but that is simultaneously suspect.  Did the person buying recounts from three states really think that action was required given that she failed to gather enough votes to even be thought of as a real, honest candidate for the office of the President of the United States?  Or is this whole thing simply a guise for another set of convictions?  And how did she raise more money for recounts than she raised for her entire campaign?

Jill Green can not possibly believe, in her heart of hearts, there is a valid need for a recount of votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  This is simply the equivalent of a “Hail Mary” pass in football with two seconds left on the clock.  But it gets worse because it certainly appears that she has acted as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton.  Yes, the same Hillary Clinton who accepted, finally, the fact that she had been defeated.

These tawdry actions should make us all step back to take a good long look at what it is we have become.  That this kind of thing can be played out across this nation with the press anxiously covering it all seems the complete opposite of what our country used to be, what it used to stand for amongst the nations of the world.  It makes us wonder what we can and what we cannot believe even when we see it published in supposedly bonafide news outlets.

While many are still clucking over Donald Trump’s victory, there is this act being played out that could only have been thought to be the last possibility for a rebirth of Hillary’s campaign.  Hillary, of course, has conceded but that seems to mean nothing to her when this ‘opportunity’ presents itself.  Maybe her surrogate can disrupt the process sufficiently to let Hillary squeeze back into the limelight.  Maybe, just maybe, this ‘Hail Mary’ will be caught and Hillary can cross the goal line and be sworn in as the first female President of the United States of America.  After all, that was in the bag for her until the people acted so strangely as to vote for him rather than her.

Is it just me, or does it seem that these actions always come from liberals?  Is Good Faith even a recognized term in the liberal lexicon?  Are we conservatives too honest for our own good from a political point-of-view?

This is all so transparent.  First, the filings for recounts, then the money that is required to fund these recounts, then the sudden fund-raising acumen of Jill Green.  All the pieces fall into place and Hillary Clinton comes back into public view.  Do we doubt that Hillary and Company were behind this silliness that has such a serious side to it?  Can you even imagine the screaming from rooftops that would be going on with the media if these roles were reversed?  Imagine if Hillary had won, and Donald Trump began filing for recounts after conceding victory to her.  None of us can imagine such an occurrence because it simply wouldn’t be occurring.  The non-biased media would’ve shut it down in an instant.

We have to again come to the realization that the political game is loaded in favor of the liberals.  They won the press for the most part since it is decidedly liberal in its belief system.  If these roles were reversed, Donald Trump would’ve been forced into exile somewhere by the liberal press.

Good faith sadly seems out-of-date and out-of-place in the country we occupy today.  Those of us who are still silly enough to believe in it, get whacked up side the head every now and then when we get taken because we thought good faith prevailed.  The recount thing was not done in good faith.  Hillary Clinton jumping on that bandwagon was not done in good faith.  The press not exposing it for what it is cannot be considered good faith.

But, we are conservatives and this is what we’re up against…and we still win one every now and then…in spite of the stacked deck.  That seems to corroborate that our belief system is preferred by voters, even with the press in the liberals’ pocket.

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