Suspicious Recounts, Updated…

Jill Stein, the candidate for President offered up by the Green Party, has decided she will seek recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  She has somehow been able to raise more money, $5 million, to fund these recounts than she raised for her entire campaign for the office of President.  If one were even a tiny bit suspicious, one might suspect something is going on that could upset the Trump election and give us a new victor.

A member of the Green Party’s coordinating committee, George Martin (an interesting looking character if you were to Google his name tied to a Milwaukee Journal photo), said the recount had been requested because of the difference between the actual count and their exit polling.  Exit polling is anything but scientific and something that can be trusted.  If it were we could avoid having to count the ballots.

Of course, Jill Stein isn’t going to gain enough votes to make a difference in her case but someone else, by the name of Hillary Clinton, could find sufficient electoral votes to overturn the election of Donald Trump if these three recounts were to change the victories of Trump in these three hand-picked states into victories for Hillary Clinton.  At the very least, the physical recounts could easily take longer to complete given the turnout than is permitted by law, and that could negate these electoral ballots from being counted given the magic date of December 19th for this to be done.

That theoretically would cause these electoral ballots to be taken away from Mr. Trump and that would be enough to change the outcome of the national election.  The only recourse then would be to appeal to Congress since it meets on January 6th to ‘count’ the electoral votes and decide how to cast the three states’ electoral votes which is the final step in the election process.  And, of course, there would be that convenient argument over total popular votes vs. electoral votes if the three states’ electoral votes were tossed due to this recount.

The apparent reason for these recount requests is suspicion of the voting machines having been ‘hacked’ thus changing the vote totals.  The ballots cast are read by the machines as the voter stands there and witnesses that his or her ballot was counted correctly, and the final vote counts are transmitted via an Internet connection.  Experts explain this is virtually impossible to intercept or corrupt since these transmissions are randomly transmitted via the Internet to the County Clerks involved in the tallying process.

I have to wonder since Jill Stein wasn’t able to obtain pre-election funding from contributors of an amount near that needed to fund these recount petitions, where this newly found money might have come from.  Could it be that Hillary Clinton might’ve seen fit to donate funds from her account to Jill Stein?  Of course, this would only have been done by Ms. Clinton in the quest for fairness in the election process.  It certainly wouldn’t have been done in the hopes that she would somehow gain the electoral votes from these three states and find herself the victor after all.  Could it?

Given the unseemly history tied to the Clintons over the years, this would certainly fit the mold.  If the funds didn’t come from the campaign coffers of Hillary, might there have been some skullduggery involving the Clinton Foundation?  Or might a key funder of Hillary Clinton’s have seen fit to ‘help’ in this situation, to assure a fair election of course?

It is unfortunate, but they,  the Clintons, have brought this suspicion on themselves given the history they have amassed.  This is simply more of the same old, same old.

Surprise, Surprise:

Newsmax just reported that Hillary Clinton’s campaign will participate in vote recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan if they take place.  Her campaign claims that it “will participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides”.

This sounds eerily like there had been such a plan the entire time but this is staged so as to make Hillary look like she is just involved to be sure all are treated fairly.  Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, another Clinton shark strike is initiated.  This has to be one of the most egregious actions I could imagine from the Clinton campaign.  Apparently, they are of the belief that ‘it ain’t over til the fat lady sings’, and they’ll stick around to be sure she has the right pitch when the singing begins.

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