In The Blink Of An Eye?

Many of us eagerly await the swearing in of our new President, Donald Trump.  It is as if we expect that everything will revert to what it was pre-Obama.  The ‘good old days’ will return and we will be rid of things such as ObamaCare.  That is a wonderful illusion, but it is just that…an illusion.

We may very well learn that it is an impossibility to simply kill what we know as ObamaCare and pick up where we left off.  That program has altered many things we do not comprehend.  It has changed the way in which medicine is practiced.  It has changed the landscape of physicians and hospitals and health insurance companies.  It has changed our expectations of the health care system.

Sure, many of these changes were not what we’d been promised they’d be, but they were enacted and we could do nothing about that.  Over the years since its creation and implementation, we have sort of become ‘comfortable’ with ObamaCare even though many of us continue to believe it has been a change for the worse rather than a change for the better.

We have virtually removed the person from office whose name appears on this health care program.  We have elected a person who has pledged to end ObamaCare.  I fear that we might be setting ourselves up for a letdown simply because ObamaCare is not going to go away overnight.  The name might go away but the implications of what is left behind will be with us for a long time to come; some of those implications may never go away.  That is among the problems of such far-reaching legislation about things that are very near to us, such as our health care and our doctors.

I think we can also expect very poor behavior from Democrats during this process of dismantling parts of ObamaCare and replacing those with other pieces that fill the void.  Politicians have a big problem with not denigrating things from ‘across the aisle’ even though those actions have been soundly rejected by the majority of voters.  We’ll hear how great things were under ObamaCare while the flaws we know we’ll find in the new world of health care will be blown out of proportion.

If there is one thing many Democrats would like to have, it is the removal of their names from this piece of legislation.  But they will insist on ‘having their cake and eating it as well’ by decrying the efforts of Republicans to amend ObamaCare to produce something better for us and for the medical community and for the country.  There will be hiccups in this process.  Something this massive that has tentacles everywhere is simply not changed in the blink of an eye.

Would that we, the electorate, remember some of these things and ward off such overly-aggressive change of such basic requirements in the future.  But, we will no doubt repeat this mistake under a different name affecting something different from health care.  Our politicians can’t help themselves from trying to help us as we expect of them when we vote for them.  Some actually rely upon these actions because they understand they can continue to bamboozle us term after term and that we’ll re-elect them in spite of what they do TO us in the guise of having done something FOR us.

In short, it seems that all too often, we get what we deserve.  We should be wise enough by now to recognize there is no free lunch.  We should be wise enough by now to avoid voting for those who promise us goodies rather than for those who promise to put our economy back on track to sustain us into the future.

Will we learn from this over-reach that was perpetrated on us by the Democrats?  I’d wager that many of us have already forgotten what was done TO us in the guise of having been done FOR us.  We are so easy to manipulate, and we seem to have very short memory spans.  We almost elected Hillary Clinton who would’ve perpetuated and added to the mess left for us by President Barack Obama.  And that happened in real time, not after a decade or two of time in which to forget who had done what TO us, rather than FOR us.

Wave a shiny object and watch us salivate.  Unfortunately, it seems that with each passing generation, we the people get more ‘needy’ for things from our government, and, consequently, we are bought and our vote is paid for by more goodies.

That reminds me;  how did the Obamas get to be so wealthy on $400,000 per year for eight years?  I know where the President-Elect’s fortune came from.

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