Is There No End To His Hubris?

President Barack Obama has said that he intends to provide his thoughts and critiques about what incoming President Donald Trump does or doesn’t do in office.  I do not recall, ever, a former President making his positions relative to decisions of a successor known as our current President has said today that he plans to do if it becomes necessary.  Of course, Obama will be the sole person deciding what ‘is necessary’ based on his personal belief that he is the most successful and the most gifted person as president we have ever had in this country.

His cockiness while in office has been annoying to the point of being very nearly sickening.  The cute little facial expressions that tell you what he thinks have been particularly enamoring.  There is a reason that this President will be remembered almost entirely as the first black man to be president.  His accomplishments are, so far at least, few and far between.  The years to come will either be generous to him or define him as one of the least able presidents we’ve ever had.  He needs to be counting on a generous and forgiving public and things like this will erode that public’s size very rapidly.

His hubris, defined as excessive pride or self-confidence, is amazing and sickening simultaneously.  Among the synonyms of the word ‘hubris’ are these: arrogance, conceit, haughtiness, pride, self-importance, egotism, and pomposity.  If you think back, I’ll wager that you’ve seen all these in President Barack Obama, and each considerably more often than just once.

So, we have a soon-to-be former President forewarning the President-Elect, who happens to be of a different political persuasion and a first-time politician, that he will be constantly watching for what he defines as a misstep or outright mistake, and that he’ll be Johnny-on-the-spot to let us all know just what he thinks.  This will be a first in my lifetime if he lives up to his word.  And, given his immense sense of self-importance, he’ll try his darnedest to live up to what he said he’d do.

I don’t know if there is anything that can be done to rein this man in after he leaves office.

President Donald Trump is not shy and is not known for ducking fights, but, as President of the United States, we need for him to hold himself above all this garbage from his predecessor.  President Trump needs to be THE President and apparently needs to be the parent.  We do not have two Presidents at one time for a reason.  Up until now, our past Presidents have been very good about leaving the spotlight and resuming something as close to a private life as is possible.

I do not ever recall, either, an episode like that which the Vice President Elect was exposed to a couple of days ago.  To his credit, he ignored it and downplayed it.  We need for our incoming President to do the same.  People, and maybe even the press, although that certainly seems an ‘iffy’ possibility, might make it known exactly what they think about the former President acting out if he lives up to his statement.

It seems that we conservatives are literally the adults in the country and that the liberals are the kids who can’t get over things and who have to whine and carry on as much as is possible.  That might not be so difficult if we had a press that would call this like it should call this if, in fact, we have these occurrences after Trump is sworn in.

There is another complicit entity if it permits itself that luxury.  That is the press.  It can fuel this internecine quarrel or it can tamp it done before it begins.  Tamp down is the answer; tamp it down and remind the former President of what former presidents are supposed to do.

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