The Ugly Side of Liberalism…

The ugly side of liberalism showed its face again last evening when the Vice President-Elect and his wife were subjected to liberal hate speech and jeers while attending a play in New York.  The ugly side of liberalism shows itself repeatedly in the statements made by too many of the old-time liberals, people like Harry Reid, who, thank goodness, retires at the end of this term.  It seems, whether intended or unintended, that liberals might well be the political party of hate.  That all too often is what streams from the mouths of the elders of liberalism since they apparently find their positions indefensible otherwise.

Hatred used to create fear and buy votes, is contrary to our way of life based on faith and hope.  Yet, hatred seems the modern fodder of too many old time liberals.  Even one of the old time liberals is too many.  They make accusations, unproven accusations, based on their belief system and we all are expected to kowtow to their side of arguments simply based on the loudness, the rudeness and the exaggeration level involved in those arguments.

And, too often, conservatives do that very thing.  They back into a corner or avoid any comments because, apparently, they do not think themselves able to provide counter-arguments that will defuse the rhetoric from the left.  Actually, they tend to steer clear since they seem to expect they’ll be attacked by members of their own belief system simply because the others fear a fight with liberalism.

Conservatives are too polite by half!  They know, of course, that what passes as the mainstream media will take the side of the liberals in most every situation since that group of people, who work to control our thoughts, is allied with the liberals.  Were Barry Goldwater still with us and active in the political world, he would be taking the fight straight to the liberal press and he’d have backed that group into a corner.  A favorite quote attributed to Goldwater is this:  “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!  And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

We are emerging from an election that brought out the worst in liberals since we had a conservative candidate who didn’t shy from the use of potentially inflammatory language when he felt it necessary to get his point across.  That, of course, opened him up to a lot of criticism from liberals and the mainstream media, those two being joined at the hip, and to a lot of people aligning with him who were sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Is there a select group of liberals that ply their trade through hate speech?  Yes.  Is there a select group of conservatives that foment the liberals’ use of hate speech through their speech?  Yes.  Does that make it right?  No!

I have voluntarily selected the conservative position because I believe that is the most-often correct side of almost every political argument.  I know there are those who disagree and that is what our country was founded upon. I may be a bit biased, but I don’t think so frankly.  It appears to me that liberals tend to go to selected language designed to put conservatives on the defensive, and they go to it very quickly.  The most likely reason for that seems, to me again, to be that they recognize the difficulty they face in defending their position.

The vitriol from some in national politics is disgusting.  It is disgusting no matter from which side it emanates.  More often than not, it begins with those on the left who find themselves bereft of arguments to support their chosen position when they find themselves in a debate with conservatives.  We are taught to avoid ‘acting out’ from an early age.  There are, unfortunately, times when we conservatives need to ‘act out’ simply to get points across to liberals and to the media.  Even then, we know we’re going to be vilified for having done so since that is the only rebuttal available to the other side.

It is a strange and wonderful world in which we live…even with some people who can do nothing but use vitriol to defend positions.  It is shameful that political issues can be so dividing for so long.  We are a country founded on Christian principles and if those are practiced by all, we will get along just fine.

The actor and the audience that just had to go after the Vice President-elect and his wife last evening should be ashamed of themselves, but I imagine that instead, they are seeing themselves as wonderful soldiers in the liberal wars.

Unfortunately, this episode was anything but shocking.  At the age of 74, I can look back at people like Harry S. Truman who was a Democrat before the Democrats decided they needed to adopt hateful rhetoric.  I’ll bet he would be taking some of his brothers and sisters to the woodshed…and that is what they deserve.

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