Have You Ever Stepped On An Anthill?

If you have ever stepped on an anthill, you know how the ants scurry around trying to determine what just happened to their den with all its tunnels and rooms;  “what happened to our world?” might be their lament.

Donald Trump has just stepped on the giant anthill we know as Washington, D.C. and the residents of that anthill are scurrying around trying to determine what just happened to their den with all its tunnels and rooms.  There used to be a process but they do not know what the new process might be since Trump is unknown in a political sense.

The heart of our nation’s governance is found in the District of Columbia.  It has been firmly established there for decades.  There are ‘ins and outs’ that only the well-seasoned politicos understand, and now they all have this unnerving outsider entering their warren and they know not just how he will govern.  He is a comparative unknown by many of the people who have been in professional politics for their entire adult lives.  There are some unspoken niceties extended automatically by those ‘in the know’.  There are some things that just aren’t done in the nation’s capitol, but this person might not understand those subtleties…or he might well understand but simply choose to shake things up.

Imagine how disconcerting this can be, and probably is, to those who’ve always done things the way they’ve always been done.

President-Elect Trump is not a normal or usual politician.  Not only that, he is really not a politician when we compare him to the typical politician whose working lifetime has been spent in that world.  There are exceptions, however.  Donald Trump looks to me to be the single greatest exception to their rules with which they have ever had to contend in decades.  He is unknown except for the public persona.  None of these politicians have ever had to make a deal with this person before in the sense in which he makes deals.

Will there be a ‘honeymoon’ period after Trump is sworn in as the President of the United States, or is that what we are seeing now as he builds his staff and makes acquaintances?  Is he going to hit the ground running or will he gradually assume the mantle of power?

Will the other ants be able to rebuild the warren and get back to the ‘good old days’ or is this disturbance going to be a continual thing for them?  Will this new ‘super ant’ be the kind that is always given to shaking things up just to watch the outcome?  Will Trump intentionally work to keep all of Congress off balance as he learns the inner-workings of this new world he is entering?

If President Donald Trump is anything like the entrepreneurial Donald Trump, I suspect he will hit the ground running and will do nothing but increase the pace as he gets his bearings.  The oft placid halls of Congress may never be placid again during this term.  Foreign leaders will see a different approach from the U.S. personified by President Trump.  He is accustomed to getting things done and not to the gentle, pussy-footing that has passed for diplomacy in too many White Houses.  People compare Trump to Putin, and rightfully so since both men seem to be put together in much the same way from my perspective.  They are both decisive.  They both have strong opinions.  They both are accustomed to getting what they want.  Will they be able to get along on the world stage?  I believe there will be a good relationship and that they will work well together given mutual respect.

There is a change coming and Washington, D.C. will be the epicenter given that is where the White House is located and where Congress sits when in session…which seems like always, but that is a different subject.  I doubt this coming Congress will ever be accused of being a “do-nothing Congress”.  The appointments announced so far connote change.  Things are not happening like they used to happen, and Trump isn’t even in office yet.

The ants are scurrying, banging into walls that didn’t exist a few weeks ago and trying to find their way to political nirvana.  Old time Democrats are actually thinking it might be time to retire.  How nice it will be to not have to see Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) pontificating while he carefully sidesteps the truth.  Maybe others will follow in his footsteps and decide to go home for good.

In the meantime, we watch as the appointees of President-Elect Donald Trump are named as he begins to shape his White House staff.  For a neophyte politician, Donald Trump appears to be off to a quick start.

Sort of glad I’m not in that anthill just now.

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