Am I really a racist?

Mr. Jamelle Bouie, Slate magazine’s Chief Political Correspondent, begins his article with this sentence:  “Donald Trump ran a campaign of racist demagoguery against Muslim Americans.”  Those of us who voted for Trump and who are white are obviously racists in Mr. Bouie’s world.

Might we who cast a ballot for Mr. Trump really have been casting a ballot against Hillary Clinton and what promised to be more of the same old, same old that we had endured for the past eight years?  Mr. Bouie, for those of you who hadn’t seen or heard that name until today, is also a political analyst for CBS news and has penned the following titled articles in Slate:

Nov. 15:  There’s No Such Thing as a Good Trump Voter

Nov. 14:  White Nationalism in the White House

Nov. 11:  Why Did Some White Obama Voters Go for Trump?

Nov. 9:   White Won

Nov. 7:   The Trump Campaign – It Ended As It Began:  Bigoted as hell

Perhaps you picked up on a theme; perhaps that is the only theme available to Mr. Bouie, a Black leftist.

Is this ascribed legacy necessary after eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency?  Are we who voted for Donald Trump really racists?  Are we, as Bouie claims guilty of elevating white nationalism and white reaction to the Oval Office?  Might it be, heaven forbid but is it possible that we simply wanted someone not of the liberal Democratic persuasion to get us back on track after eight years of liberal rule?

Bouie goes on to spread his condemnation of all us Trump supporters.  We are apparently racist or stupid or a bad combination of the two.  We have some issues in our country that need to be debated and resolved.  I do not believe we accomplish that kind of an outcome with diatribes such as those spouted by Mr. Bouie from his Slate/CBS platform.

So, I guess I have to plead guilty to Mr. Bouie’s carefully engineered accusations of all who voted for Mr. Trump:  I and many of you are apparently…

Myopic:  shortsighted

Solipsistic: believing self is all important

Morally grotesque: unnatural, ugly, absurd

At the least, this author does have a way with words; they just don’t make any sense in a world not colored by racism as his seems obviously colored, given his writings.

I voted for a change and I voted against Hillary Clinton.  If I am to be damned for this, I stand guilty as accused.

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