Lefties Are Apoplectic…

The left-wing in America has come further unglued/unhinged as the result of the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States of America.  This is interesting from several perspectives.  First, if we have had any doubts about who or what are and who or what aren’t members of the left-wing, this election has given us a very clear look.  Second, we can see those left-wing individuals and organizations that we might’ve somehow missed identifying until now.  That is, in my mind, especially true of people in the media!

There is, of course, the ‘conversation’ about popular vote versus Electoral College results.  The huge money interests, individual and institutional, on the political left continue to throw more and more money into the pot trying to tar and feather Donald Trump before he has even been sworn in as the President of the United States.

What passes for the ‘free press’ in our country is busy writing about, and attempting to re-write, the results of this free election just concluded.  We are being assailed with the concerns over who President Trump will bring into his inner-circle.  Will these people be conservative?  Have they any  real experience in the affairs they’ll be overseeing?

We are even seeing the feeble attempt to void Trump’s right to appoint a Supreme Court Justice to the already vacant seat since it became vacant during President Obama’s term. They reason, if that term can be applied and there is doubt about that, that since the vacancy is still there, Obama ought to, in all fairness, get to make that decision.  This, of course, disregards the requirement of Congressional approval that wouldn’t have been given during Obama’s term which is why he didn’t make the appointment.

If we had any doubts about the political positions of the various entities that comprise “the press”, we need not have those concerns any longer.  The bulk of that group of entities has continued to press the case for fairness by the new regime.  As an aside, if conservatives were acting out as are the liberals, the press would be beyond apoplectic.

The passing of the torch will continue, and there will be a new Administration.  The names being floated now appear to be those from a group of well-qualified members of the conservative side of politics.  Mr. Trump is a smart person.  He will learn as quickly, if not more quickly, than his predecessor.  He will have a different approach to governing.  He will have a very capable staff and they will help him get into the flow.

We have seen his proposed considerations for future Supreme Court appointments, and those are good from a conservative perspective.

I will remind readers of the lack of background and experience of a certain Barack Obama whose claim to experience consisted of liberal political beliefs, being a ‘community organizer’ and serving as a backbencher in the Illinois state senate where he avoided taking positions on issues so as to emerge as a blank slate to the American people.  He relied on his verbal eloquence, and his race, to sell enough voters that he was the best person.  He was, if ever there was, an empty suit with a gift for public speaking when he stepped into the Oval Office.  Barack Obama had a lack of experience and qualifications that Donald Trump has in spades by any comparison.

The apoplectic political left has a short and selective memory.  It mistakenly relied on character assassination to defeat Donald Trump…and it lost.

If we survived the two terms of Barack Obama, and we did, I believe we’ll do just fine with President Donald Trump in office.

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