Liberals’ Post Mortem…

The liberals in America are still reeling from Donald Trump’s ascension from presidential candidate to President-Elect.  Bryan Crabtree, a Townhall columnist has a column today that might help liberals understand what hit them as those very people see this situation.  The left-wing media is beside itself and seeking whatever solace it can find.  This was simply not supposed to happen as their world-view had things pictured.

The first thought was to claim that the ‘Cracker Barrel Crowd’ was at fault.  MSNBC, the self-defined bastion of the free press, reported that Trump won 76% of counties where a Cracker Barrel restaurant was found as contrasted to getting only 22% of the counties with a Whole Foods grocery store.  Those of us, me included, who voted for Donald Trump are framed as being less-than-intelligent people.  We obviously, as the intelligentsia see it, were simply too dumb by half.  If we eat in a Cracker Barrel we are apparently relegated to being known as knuckle draggers.  What about those of us who have both a Cracker Barrel restaurant and a Whole Foods store and have eaten in one but not yet shopped in the other?  That must mean that I, for instance, should be under close supervision since I am obviously incapable of making decisions for self.

I find it difficult to believe that the rage we have seen in our nation as the result of Trump’s win can be so easily labeled.  There is a deeper schism involved.  We are not Neanderthal knuckle-draggers.  We are devout Christians in many cases and certainly we are conservative in our beliefs.  I believe the problem if there is a problem, lies with those who didn’t vote for Trump far more than with those of us who did.

We went through the eight years of Barack Obama and desired something different.  For the enlightened press to feel compelled to label those of us who made this decision to elect Donald Trump suggests they have the problem rather than us who voted for Trump having a problem.

This is more an issue of conservatives vs. liberals than anything else, and that drives the liberal media a bit nutty.  The very idea that conservatives would vote for a Donald Trump is anathema for the liberal elite.  It seems that if we conservatives are so ignorant, maybe we ought not be given the freedom to vote.  I mean, after all!!  We had survived the eight years of Barack Obama; that wasn’t so bad, so let us liberals dictate the next eight years. Never mind that the liberal choice was dishonest, and self-serving and had a problem with understanding how classified documents were to be handled.

Never mind the, to be kind, shenanigans in Arkansas or the womanizing of her husband, or the e-mails, or Benghazi. This Trump guy had to be stopped; he just wasn’t fit to follow in Barack Obama’s esteemed footsteps.  He is, after all, just a crude blowhard.

Instead of accepting our decision for the country, there have to be protests.  Rather than to accept the will of the majority we have to go through the machinations of the millennials and the gen-Xers who know far better than any of the rest of us.

So, we now find that teachers in our schools feel they just have to intervene to help their poor students work through this travesty.   There is quite some confusion about why this would happen, and we simply have to help these poor people who seem unable to help themselves.

This is called ‘democracy’ and we enjoy what is called ‘freedom’.  We have elections to determine the will of the people.  The will of the people who voted, and there was a significant turn-out, was determined, and we all set out the next day, or at least we all are supposed to have set out the next day going about the tasks of the day and of becoming prepared for the future as the will of the people directed.

Instead, some of these erudite, much more intelligent than we, people felt the need to throw a hissy fit and parade through city streets breaking windows and so on to protest against our freedom.

There were no ‘hanging chads’ involved in this election.  The outcome was quite plain for all to see.  So now it is up to “we the people” to move forward into the brave new world. Those who said they’d leave the country if Trump were elected certainly have permission to move out today or tomorrow.  If they lived next door, I’d help them pack and drive them to the airport.  One of the really great things about America is our freedom.  Anyone who doesn’t like this country any longer, or who thinks this election was somehow unfair, needs to get over it or get out.  PERIOD.  And, the idea that schools had to convene the next day trying to help students get over their loss seems a bit of a reach.  I never had that kind of solace administered in my school except maybe when we lost the Homecoming game.  These soon-to-be adults need to understand that they will not always get their way in life.

I might just stop at my local Cracker Barrel and enjoy a breakfast to celebrate.  And, I still have not set foot in a Whole Foods store even though there is one a few miles away.  That isn’t a form of protest.  It is simply that I didn’t feel this driving need for that kind of shopping opportunity, but I am very happy for those who did since they can now satisfy that need.

I always vote.  I don’t always get my way.  I don’t threaten to leave the country when that occurs.  But, when I do get my way, I sometimes gloat…as you can see.

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