Obviously, The Dust Hasn’t Settled…

We are witnessing what some on the losing side in the recent national election appear to think and do when they lose.  News sources across the country have focussed on the various disturbances thus feeding the frenzy, and notably, Hillary Clinton is nowhere to be found when she might well be able to turn what certainly seem to be her followers around with a few well-chosen words.  Words about what our country stands for and what we do when we lose elections.  We do not take to the streets disrupting our communities and causing damage and fomenting fear.  President Obama tried to help people,  a little at least, ‘get over’ the outcome when he and President-Elect Donald Trump, the winner, by the way, met in the White House a couple of days ago.

Elections are about the opportunity to express preferences by casting ballots, not by casting rocks or worse.  Elections are typically found in civilized countries where the majority decide the issues of the day.  The outcomes of elections sometimes are difficult to accept by those who lost, but they are the outcomes and they represent the majority of those who turned out to vote.  You and I have been on both sides.

Our country has been, at least until now, a bastion of freedom and of the right of the people to vote peacefully to decide who or what wins.  There have been other elections that pitted two sides against each other (that is the definition of an election), but we have been adult enough to cast our ballots and to accept the outcome, whether it went our way or not. Having been on the losing side of election issues, I have yet to pick up a brick and throw it at someone or something.

I fear that what we are witnessing is the result of us, as a people, becoming dependent on one or another political party; literally dependent in that we are led to expect we will get stuff if one party wins and that we will lose stuff if the other wins.  That is what we see in these disturbances.

We really need to ask ourselves a question:  What would we be seeing if Hillary Clinton had won instead of Donald Trump winning?  I believe we would be seeing what we saw when Barack Obama won his first national election.  That was portrayed as the dawning of a new day and the people, many of the people at least if they were old enough 8 years ago, who are now demonstrating, were celebrating that election’s outcome.

We are witnessing this in the world of the health care we receive and the mechanism known colloquially as ObamaCare that liberals attempted to use to change the face of the health care delivery system.  It now falls to the conservatives to re-shape that fiasco given that we voters gave them control of all the arms of government.  I understand this is a threat to many who have swallowed the liberal hook and who genuinely are concerned for their futures and for their welfare (small ‘w’).  As much as it might appear to be, this is not a black vs. white thing.  I don’t think it is a Hillary vs. Donald thing.

This is a classic struggle between liberalism and conservatism.  

BUT, we must be very careful to not fall prey to the mainstream media and its attempt to make this something it isn’t.  This is about teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish.  This is about enabling people to become self-sufficient and not about keeping them on the political hook by doling out this and that as they need it.

The evidence against liberalism is all around us if we but take the time and have the desire to see it.  I am a proud conservative.  I’ll not apologize to anyone for my beliefs.  I do apologize that we conservatives have not been as successful as we need to be in communicating the desirability of conservatism, and I am thankful we’ve been given a conservative President who will help us get that point across in spite of swimming upstream against the current of the mainstream media that seems to be enthralled, still, with big government.

There is much to be accomplished and we now have the political power with which to make it happen.  Let us not squander this opportunity.

Happy Veterans’ Day to all the vets reading this; thanks for your service that permits these kinds of freedoms!

One thought on “Obviously, The Dust Hasn’t Settled…

  1. I’m a veteran. I gave 4 years of my young life serving this great country. I spent 44 years working and paying taxes. Now that I’m in my senior years I would hope that the leaders of this country (Republican or Democrat) would feel that they were elected to office or appointed to serve the citizens of the United States the best way possible. Lets get over this ME ME way of thinking and start to think of what is best for all of US. The United States is lead by political leaders but God is still charge.


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