As The Dust Settles…

The shock of a President-Elect Donald Trump is being sorted out across America’s media hot spots.  Newspaper editorial staffs have gathered to try to determine where they went wrong in their hypothesizing.  Political writers are trying to find out why they were not bright enough to predict the win by Donald Trump, or the converse: how could their recommendations to not vote for Trump not have been heeded?

It isn’t always easy to be a dead-on prognosticator as these bright people have discovered. Our votes don’t always make sense to the brighter-than-us people who tend to dominate the media.  This is why we hold elections rather than simply rely on the brightest people in the country to tell us whom they have pre-selected.

I have had quite a morning given the fact that I am now on day number one of being newsprint-deprived, and that I have had the pleasure of seeing the angst of newspaper people scrolling across my computer screen.  They just can’t seem to understand that we don’t always follow their ‘expert’ guidance in matters such as elections.

I have heard the laments of a statewide organization (Citizen’s Action Wisconsin) that cannot determine if it was low voter turn-out that elected Donald Trump in my home state of Wisconsin or if it was that dreaded ‘Voter ID’ requirement that kept Democrats from voting.  (Voter ID may have kept some from voting but those would have been the illegal voters who might’ve been able to dupe us in the past.)  The dastardly Republicans just had to make voter identification an issue when we (they hypothesize) had Hillary Clinton poised to become the first female President of the United States of America.  It just isn’t fair goes the unspoken lament.

The coming Presidency of Donald Trump will be a most interesting new period in politics in America.  He will, no doubt, find that he has not thought of everything that he’ll be encountering, but I expect him to be easily bright enough to work his way through those issues with the help of the staff assembled around him.  We tend to forget that our outgoing President was a short-term, small time, non-voting state senator from Illinois when he hit the big time. Donald Trump has accumulated far more life experience than had Barack Obama at this same point in time.  Both these men talked their way into office as is typical for political candidates.

Had the learned press been sufficiently erudite, it/they would’ve seen that difference and maybe played their cards a bit differently.  Or maybe not, since Obama was the first black to run for our highest office which made him an easy choice as to whom should be supported. This was also problematic since Hillary Clinton was the first woman to run for this office. The poor national press has been dealt a couple of tough choices it seems.

News people the nation over have to be reassessing what happened.  How is it that a man like Donald Trump ends up as our President-elect after being pilloried by the press?  It just isn’t fair!  Who do we voters think we are?  Don’t we pay proper attention to the brightest people in the country, the press, anymore?

Will President Trump miss some calls as he takes over the Oval office?  I doubt that will be the case.  He will have a very strong staff supporting and advising him, and he is not a stupid man.  He may make you cringe a bit, but this guy is bright.  One does not get to the point he is at in the world of business by being stupid.  President Obama made me cringe a bit on occasion, but both he and I survived the experience.  He was very bright, just a bit misguided in a political sense for my taste.

So, we the public, have defied they the press.  I guess we’ll just have to live with that since the press doesn’t get a vote.  It just gets a huge megaphone which it apparently cannot believe isn’t working like it used to work.  I am personally much more comfortable with a President Donald Trump than I would be with a President Hillary Clinton.  The mark left by this President will be huge if for no other reason than the make-up of the U.S. Supreme Court which will be around for years to come.

The real test is this:  Will Republicans use the power they’ve been given by the people to make the changes in governance we wanted when we voted for them?  If they do, we win big time.  If they don’t, they, and we will lose big time.

The voters have spoken.  There is no misunderstanding this election’s outcome.  Get it done!

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