On To The Next Presidency…

A quick piece concerning the results of this election:

I am grateful to God for this outcome and believe it will prove to have been a wonderful occurrence for our country, our people, and the world.

I have only heard bits and pieces of the Trump speech last evening but am pleased with the tone and what I have heard so far.

Now the really tough work begins; the construction of our new government; the decisions about judges on the U.S. Supreme Court that may be made in the next four years; the Congress and its role as it sees itself.

Frankly, I hope the Clintons will take this as a sign that they are free to leave the political stage if they choose…and I hope they choose to do so.

And a very special thank you to all those who worked in the election process yesterday and into the night.  The turn-out was apparently quite large and that means a lot of behind-the-scenes work after the polls closed.

The Donald Trump I heard in the speech from last night sounded like a future President of whom we can all be proud.  Congratulations President-Elect Trump!  Now the truly heavy lifting begins.

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