A New Day Dawns…

America has spoken, and it spoke rather loudly.  Donald Trump is our new President-Elect and he brought along majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate.  This was not supposed to happen if we were to have believed the pundits.  It was a close race, but still a sweeping victory.

President-Elect Donald Trump will visit his soon-to-be-new office, the Oval Office, tomorrow having been invited by President Barack Obama.  Our nation is still able to observe some of the old protocols and courtesies even when there are many things separating the people involved.

This election was critical.  President-Elect Trump will have the opportunity to select at least one person for the U.S. Supreme Court to fill the current vacancy and probably another one or two if he is in office for two terms given the ages of several Justices.

The Senate majority tightened a bit but the Republicans still have a majority.  The House of Representatives has  a majority of Republican members.

If these two bodies and the President can play well together, there is much that can be accomplished.

Next up will be the tone of the world’s other leaders as they recognize this new President-Elect.  I have to think that Benjamin Netanyahu will be far more welcome in this President’s Oval office than he has been in the current President’s Oval office.  I doubt he’ll be made to appear through a back door again during these eight years to come.  If we are to believe the press, Russia’s leader will be considerably more engaged with us than he has been during these nearly past two terms.  That can only be good.

Those ‘in-the-know’ in Washington are still scratching their heads wondering just how this all came about.  They didn’t see the great American hunger for a President like Donald Trump that the people saw.  They thought it impossible for someone so rude and, sometimes crude, to replace the erudite Barack Obama who was so well educated and aloof.  This is an everyday kind of man who has been in the trenches with his construction crews, and likely who can ‘cuss’ with the best of them when that seems appropriate.  I am reminded of another president who had a common-man touch to him; a fellow by the name of Harry S. Truman who ran a store before coming to Washington, D.C.  Yes, I do remember Truman.

We The People have made a decision that dumbfounds many, but we have made the decision nonetheless.  We apparently had a hunger for a more common man as our president.  Maybe we thought that another guy along the lines of Ronald Reagan might be good for a change, a guy who could identify with all the blue collar men and women, who knew how to get his hands dirty and who had won some and lost some along his way to this destination.

Whatever we thought, we have our next President.  And he has the majorities he needs to get some ‘stuff’ done.  He needs to pick some real smart people and he needs to listen to those people.  I think he has probably learned that during this campaign; a run for this office has to be among the most humbling of experiences for anyone.

Our next Vice President-Elect,  Mr. Pence, is no slouch either.  They made a good team in the race and there is no reason they won’t make a good team in their respective offices.

We are in for some changes.  We are replacing an aloof President with a man-of-the-people President.  This man-of-the-people President is, however, comfortable in meetings with anyone, and he obviously appeals to the everyman and everywoman or they wouldn’t have voted for him.

There was a clear choice and aloof and condescending lost…thankfully!

That, by the way, was also true in my home state of Wisconsin where the aloof and condescending Russ Feingold lost to the everyman Senator Ron Johnson in a close and hard-fought race.

All-in-all, yesterday was a great day.

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