Term Limits: Good or Not So Good?

I have this argument with myself every once in awhile.  I think I have finally resolved the issue only to find that it pops up again during another election cycle.

Obviously, we have term limits in some cases since we cannot re-elect a President more than once thus limiting that person to two consecutive terms.  But we can re-elect members of the House and Senate to consecutive terms as often as we wish, and we do if we but look at the number of times we’ve returned various members of each body.  House members have shorter terms than senators so a member of the house must be re-elected twice consecutively after first serving before he or she has served the equivalent time of a senator.

Of course, I only think about term limits when someone I oppose keeps being re-elected, or when someone I oppose sits out a term or two and then tries for a ‘comeback’.  Maybe I am simply astounded with fellow citizens who can’t seem to see the issues nearly so plainly as I.  Given my base of Wisconsin, I/we have one of those things happening in the current election cycle.

Senator Ron Johnson (R) is facing the guy he beat, former senator Russ Feingold (D), who wishes to get back into the Senate.  Unless the polls are wrong, Feingold could well end the ‘career’ of Ron Johnson and find his way back to Washington.  Feingold served three consecutive terms and brags about what he claims was the deciding vote cast by him for ObamaCare.  As if that is something to brag about given what it has done and continues to do to heath care health insurance premiums in this country.  Which reminds me of another person who wants to be our next president telling us we should elect her because, as she explains it that before this burden was known as ObamaCare it was known as HillaryCare.  But I digress.

Some individuals simply cry out, in my opinion, as poster children for term limits.  That no doubt is why I keep coming back to this argument with self.  It isn’t really term limits I want, it is term limits for those I don’t care to see in office again.  Maybe we could call the bill “The Selective Term Limit” bill.

So, what I really want is people who can more plainly see why they shouldn’t send someone back to Washington.  I want what would pass as a more discerning voter, and that is likely defined as someone with whom I agree.  So I guess I will have this circular argument with myself again and again because ‘smarter’ voters are defined only by my preferences and nothing else.

For so long as politicians send us goodies at someone else’s expense, we seem happy with them.  When that ceases, or when those goodies go elsewhere, we become unhappy.  So, in the end, we are our own worst enemies in many respects.  We place personal interest ahead of national interest.  We vote our pocketbooks more than we vote our conscience…or we have faulty consciences.  Some of us are strictly party voters and in so doing we allow others to make our decisions for us because they wear a Donkey pin or an Elephant pin.  Most of us, I suspect, are party voters whether or not we’ll admit that.  I might be able to vote for one person over another because of party leanings.

That might very well frame the current race for President for some.  It doesn’t make my decision for me however…not this time at any rate.

We have one party that is pushing a person who has so much baggage dragging along behind her that she doesn’t leave any footprints.  If we are even a little bit discerning, we’d have to admit that she is probably what her opponent calls her:  Crooked Hillary!  The FBI may be in the process of confirming that if the case isn’t blown out of the water by the current President or some other phenomenon yet to be thought about.  We literally could elect a President in a week or so who would be indicted before she is seated in the Oval office. That would be a first and it would be a stretch given all the pressures that would be brought to bear to avoid that outcome.

What in the world have we permitted this glorious country to come to?  Will we come to our senses or will we plunge ahead toward what seems to be the inevitable outcome?

There is a solution and the solution’s name is Donald Trump, even with the baggage he drags along behind him.  He is not in danger of being charged with criminal conduct.  He has shown that he can clean up his act.  He may be the lesser of evils, but this lesser of evils is so short of the evils of the other candidate as to appear angelic by comparison.

Friends don’t let friends vote for another Clinton; not for this Clinton by any stretch of the imagination.  Friends don’t permit the Democrats another eight years during which they’ll be able to stack the U.S. Supreme Court for decades to come.

We can have term limits this time around by simply not electing another Clinton.  That is the solution to a near-catastrophe for the country we love.  Imagine, if you can, how much money the Clinton Foundation will accumulate with Hillary as president given what it has already collected with her serving as Secretary of State.  I cannot imagine the things she and Bill and Chelsea will be up to if she wins the Oval office.  Just as Secretary of State she has already reaped a fortune in ‘gifts’ from those whom she has managed to, or promised to, aid by using her position.  We can see the people she gathers around her, and we see the legal issues those people bring with them.

Are we completely out of our minds?  President Hillary Clinton?  Really?  Let us limit her term as President to zero years with no second term to follow.  She and Bill and Chelsea have already given us problems enough.

Remember that we reap what we sow, and we simply cannot sow these seeds if we want to keep our country safe and strong.  Pretty strong statement, but true nonetheless.


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