Cast Personalities Aside…

Election Day is fast approaching and the polls seem to have moved relatively little over the past few days.  The final decisions of those yet to vote may hinge on the perceptions of one or the other candidate.  It is fair to say that there is not a perfect person heading up the ticket for either major party.  Democrats have Hillary Clinton and Republicans have Donald Trump.  Neither are perfect and only one admits it.

That having been said, there is a significant difference between these two people and their politics and their accomplishments to date.  Hillary Clinton is a liberal and proud of it. Donald Trump is a conservative and proud of it.

Liberals tend to be solid supporters of more and more government intervention in the lives of you, me and our loved ones.  Liberals believe that government is the savior of the people.  Liberals have a touchy-feely approach to the issues.  They seem to feel their way through the decision-making process.  Feelings are very important to liberals.  Feelings seem to trump (no pun intended) fact if there is a decision being made.  Liberals are really good at painting their opposition as evil personified.  That is the whole “feeling” thing at work.  Liberals actually seem to believe that they are the saviors of all the people and that without liberals controlling government people will simply be poorly served and that this can all be traced directly to the conservatives’ positions, no matter what those positions may be.

Conservatives are more fact-based in their decision-making.  They tend to believe that limited government is better than more government.  Facts trump (no pun intended) feelings.  Conservatives tend to raise issues about the positions taken by liberals rather than to denigrate the person holding those feelings.  Conservatives believe in the ability of people to reason and make good decisions, therefore they tend to avoid telling people how they need to vote on various issues, and they tend to allow people to reach their own conclusions without hyperbole being the decision driver.

We the people appear to be responding more often to the liberal positions and manner of making those positions known if the current polls are to be believed.  We seem to be reacting to the painting of Donald Trump as an evil man, a womanizer, a person who has cheated his way to the heights achieved in business, etc., etc. while we remain ignorant of the other candidate’s flaws.

It is amazing to me that people will emotionally react to Donald Trump and be unable or unwilling, or both, to react to the history of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and their daughter.  People seem able to instantly forget news about the latest accusations aimed at the Clintons, while they seem to be unable to even begin to forgive Donald Trump for whatever he has most recently been accused of.

It seems easier to be liberal. There is always an excuse that can be used to slip out of the latest incident.  It is always someone else’s fault.  There is an amazing level of gullibility in the nation, and that is driving the Clinton bandwagon.  Hillary and Bill and Chelsea can’t possibly be guilty of all they’re being accused of; if they were, wouldn’t they be in jail or at least publicly disgraced?

There is a factor that might answer a lot of this inability of people to see the truth so clearly laid out before them.  The ‘people’ know they will be given everything they need by the liberals; after all, everyone knows the conservatives are mean and nasty and hate the people who don’t vote for them.  That has been preached over and again for years.  Conservatives want to rein in government spending, therefore they are evil people since we benefit from that government spending.  A significant percentage of liberal voters are the very people who receive government benefits because they live in urban areas, can’t find work, and have no way to get out of the box they find themselves occupying.  Think about the south side of Chicago, the home city of our current President and you can see the results of liberalism on the people who continue to vote Democrat amidst the nightly gunfire and deaths.

Conservatives find themselves being laughed at if they try to help people understand why it is better to vote them into office in order to begin the process of fixing what is broken.  We have been successfully labeled in that manner.  We are in a distant second place when we try to use facts rather than feelings to persuade people to see that there is a better way.  People have been so accustomed to ‘feel good politics’ for so long, they simply can’t make themselves believe that might have been a hoax intentionally perpetrated on them by those nice people who give them new programs and benefits in return for their votes.

This may strike some as a terrible thing to say, but it is the truth.  And, it has kept the liberals in business for a long, long time.  We conservatives will continue to try to help everyone understand why our way is the preferred way, but we are going to have to have bridges that help all people get to the right place, as contrasted with the left’s place they have found themselves in for decades.

It is that simple old Biblical story about teaching a man to fish rather than giving a man a fish.  Until we learn how to better communicate that choice and its results, we are destined to be playing from behind in nearly every election we face.

If you are conservative, be sure you vote.  If you are liberal, try to see our side of the issues when you vote.  Step out of the box you have been herded into over the years.  It really is better in the world of conservatives.

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