Judgement Is Critical…

Among the most valuable attributes of a President, the nation’s CEO is that of judgment.  Judgment is involved in virtually every decision with which our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is confronted.  Literally as many as hundreds of times each day, he or she is expected to make decisions ranging in importance, but decisions nonetheless.

We have a candidate for President of the United States who has had no experience as a CEO and we have one who has plenty of CEO experience.  Hillary Clinton has no executive decision-making experience.  She has never run anything; not even a lemonade stand.  She has been the titular head of the State department but doesn’t run it.  In the U.S. Senate, her decisions were one of the one hundred decisions that, in total, amounted to the Senate’s decision as a body.

We have a second candidate who has been a CEO seemingly forever.  He has made some decisions that you or I might’ve decided differently but neither you nor I had any money riding on the outcome.  He made decisions that determined if he made or lost money.  He knows what it is to be under the gun, so to speak, to reach a decision and he knows what it is like to go against the common beliefs when that is necessary.  His decisions impacted his own money, his own well-being.  That makes me much more comfortable with him as our country’s CEO, than the idea of a politician who is accustomed to being one of one hundred now sitting in that Oval office having to decide on our collective behalf which way the decision will go.

Donald Trump will take up the mantle of CEO with ease.  Hillary Clinton will find herself in a strange new world if she takes the Oval office as President.  She has never been a president before.  She has always made decisions as part of a body or she has had experts telling her which way to go on particular issues many of which carried voter angst implications she could duck as one of a hundred.

In addition to judgment, there is the issue of basic honesty and Hillary Clinton has given us many examples that tell us she is ‘honesty-challenged’.  Donald Trump has made some enemies with his decisions, but he doesn’t hide from those decisions since there were identifiable reasons for each.

I can almost see Huma Abedin huddled next to a President Hillary Clinton telling her which decision will be best from a PR perspective.  Everything in Hillary’s Oval office would be done by reading the polls, just as everything up to this point has been the result of polling.  If it plays well, do it.  If there is any danger it will not play well, don’t do it…or do it but don’t tell anybody.

For example, Obamacare is imploding before our very eyes.  Can you imagine the route Hillary Clinton would be likely to take as the new CEO?  Can you contrast that with the path Donald Trump would take?   This decision will be a big decision so far as public opinion and so far as cost implications.  Do we want Hillary as the CEO who will play to the crowds, or would we be better served with Donald Trump as the CEO who makes the best overall decision having weighed all the implications, not just the PR implications?

In all these kinds of decision opportunities in the Oval office, I see Donald Trump as being the far superior selection to be making those decisions on my behalf…and I believe on our collective behalf, as well.

Some say that since Donald Trump has no public service experience, he is not the best choice for President.  I believe it is that very ATTRIBUTE that makes him the best selection.  I want someone in the Oval office who will bring management skills and decision-making skills to bear on each and every issue in order to find the best approach to each challenge. The difference between that approach and having a political hack with a ton of IOUs to be honored will be wonderful.  I do not want four or eight years of Hillary Clinton running the Oval office like she and her hubby and her daughter have run the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary has a history that simply makes her the worst choice possible for President of the United States of America.  She and her family have taken any number of payoffs that will have to be repaid over four or eight years.  Our President must be a person who is honest, straightforward and decisive measuring and making decisions based upon likely outcomes favorable to the country, not a personal Foundation.

It is a shame to have to couch this choice in terms of being honest, but that is a significant factor in this election.  If we are each honest with ourselves, we know that honesty is best served with a President Donald Trump.

If we measure this election by the experience in leadership and solid decision-making skills that each person exhibits, we know that Donald Trump is the best choice.

If we measure this election based upon demonstrated judgment, we know that Donald Trump is the best choice.

If you have voted early and you didn’t vote for Donald Trump you can likely cast a new ballot by going to your local polling site.

The judgment of our next President is critical!

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