Just Think About This For a Moment…

Hillary Clinton is seemingly always at the center of the spotlight and many times, if not most, that spotlight is showing yet another example of her unworthiness to serve as the highest elected official of our country.  Is it possible for anyone to have had so many ‘brushes’ with legal issues, to not be tainted at the very least or worse?  Might she have never been thought of in the manner she often is had she never personally invited those kinds of thoughts?  If she had been lily white in all things, we’d not be having conversations about this issue and that issue.  Did she skirt this problem, and what about that problem?  If her nose was to have grown like that of Pinnochio she would not be able to walk into a building with revolving doors.

We have never before had a First Lady of the ilk of Hillary Clinton.  You cannot think of one other First Lady who has had the scrapes she has had.  You would be very hard-pressed to think of a Secretary of State who has had the issues she has had.  You could not name another person who made a hundred thousand dollars playing cattle futures for the first time in her life…and in some three weeks with a $10,000 investment.  The list goes on and on and on…

We have, to my knowledge, never before had a Secretary of State who stood on the tarmac of an airport as coffins were being off-loaded telling the widows this was caused by some creep in California when she knew full well that she had been the cause whether direct or indirect when she refused to adequately protect the consulate in Benghazi.

Hillary’s emails are but one of the problems…one of many problems.  Hillary’s single greatest problem is that she is a liar, and she is a very smooth and accomplished liar.  That kind of ‘skill’ is only developed with much practice.  Imagine she and Mr. Netanyahu in the Oval office.  He will have a whole new feeling of being dissed, even after what he has endured with our current President, who ought to be ashamed of himself for those most unpresidential antics.

Hillary and Bill Clinton come as a pair; they always have and they always will.  She has forgiven him more times than we’ll ever know and that is wonderful if that forgiveness comes from the heart.  If, however, forgiveness is simply a device to move from one problem to the next knowing neither will ever be held to account, then forgiveness is just another fiction in lives of fiction.

There can be virtually no honest doubt that ‘pay for play’ is the underlying premise of the Clinton Foundation. PERIOD!  Last time I looked, that was illegal.

ObamaCare will appear like a gnat on the screen door by the time Hillary leaves office if she is elected, and Obamacare is the abomination I and others predicted long ago.  I was only a lowly health insurance and HMO guy, but I knew enough to know that ObamaCare was going to crash and burn hurting a lot of very hopeful folks in the process. There are certain realities that even a President can’t make go away.  Even with all our money!

One of the things that our wise forefathers did was to limit Presidents to a maximum of two four-year terms.  That wisdom will be ground into the dirt if Hillary Clinton succeeds President Obama.  That will mean that our country will be under ultra-liberal control for a total of eighteen years in one stretch.  The Supreme Court will be lost to us conservatives for at least a lifetime and probably two lifetimes or more.  Conservative ideas will be forgotten and only found in history tomes if those ideas have not been officially banned by our  government.

This election is the most critical we will face during my lifetime.  The election of Hillary Clinton will change the face of the U.S. Supreme Court for decades to come.  She will take office with a majority in both houses of Congress if her skirt tails are strong enough and many people vote straight tickets…and have already cast their ballots.  Democrats love early ballots because they lock up votes that might’ve been changed had another month passed.

Frankly, Donald Trump, maverick though he is, would be a significantly better President since he doesn’t bring a lot of earlier political baggage with him.  He sounds a bit rough around the edges but that may well be exactly what we need on the world stage at this time.  Mr. Trump is a bright guy.  He is given to a bit of puffery, but that is significantly better than what we get if we put another Clinton into the White House.  Trump will learn the ropes very quickly.  He has a proven record as a tough negotiator and we sure could use that after the last eight years.

Finally, Donald Trump will keep Congress honest; he and the Republicans will get things accomplished even though there might be gnashing of teeth once in awhile.  The Democrat leaders will find themselves in a different world since Trump does not come into the Oval office having served in Congress.  The Republicans might well find themselves in a different world given the friction some in that party have caused during this high political season.

It is frankly, as I heard the phrase this morning, time to Drain the Swamp.   If we fail to elect Donald Trump this time, we will be walking in the political desert for many years to come.  And, we will not like what we see developing especially since we’ll have no control over its development.  This is the single most important election of my lifetime, and of your lifetimes, as well, whether you see that or not.

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