Just When She Thought It Was Safe…

Hillary Clinton is either the unluckiest person in America or among the least honest persons in America…or maybe she is a mix of both.  FBI Director James Comey has laid her campaign wide open with the revelations of yet more damning e-mail activity following the FBI’s continuing investigation of yet another disgraced Democrat by the name of Anthony Weiner, a former congressman ( and closet ‘sexter’) and the husband of Huma Abedin who is probably the non-related person closest to Hillary Clinton.

As one would expect, Team Hillary is trying its very best to lay to waste the FBI Director personally and, by that any credence this latest revelation might contain.  Of course, none of this is Hillary’s fault since it was the nasty Russians that provided all the e-mail contraband in the first place…or so they claim.  But this was found on a laptop by the FBI and didn’t originate with the Russians.  And, as was to be expected, Team Hillary and all its surrogates are also doing their very best to make the FBI Director out to be an idiot and to ‘pooh-pooh’ this latest episode.

Is FBI Director Comey the blithering idiot Team Hillary would have us all believe?  Or is he a capable FBI Director and patriot who knows that this is a point at which he can no longer excuse Hillary Clinton’s violations?  I would think he is the latter rather than the former.  He couldn’t possibly have risen to the top of the Federal Bureau of Investigation if he were the political fool/tool he is being portrayed as by some in the Democratic Party.  He knows he is flying into hurricane force political winds.  The Attorney General, his boss, had a cozy confab with Bill Clinton aboard an aircraft parked on the tarmac in Arizona if you’ll recall.  Some felt that was where the actual decision not-to-charge was made.  We’ll probably never know the answer but that little visit “about family members” was just a bit difficult to believe.

I cannot imagine the anguish which Director Comey must have endured when this discovery was made known to him by those in the FBI doing the investigating of Weiner.  He has been in the highly political world of the FBI for a career, and he knew what he’d be unleashing if he mentioned the find on the Weiner laptop.  But he also knew that it was critical and that he’d be derelict in his duty if he failed to disclose the findings.  He chose the course of honesty and didn’t give another second’s thought to what this might do to his career and to his reputation.

Comey also knows what Top Secret means, even if Hillary does not, and he has taken an oath to protect our country and such documents.  This revelation is not about some chintzy little e-mail discussing a possible date to have coffee.  This has to be about something BIG or it wouldn’t have been disclosed this close to an election of this magnitude.

If you were to make me choose between Hillary Clinton and James Comey based on the perceived trustworthiness of the two, it would be a slam-dunk instantaneous response favoring Comey.  The baggage being dragged along by the entire Clinton family is just too heavy and too visible to be ignored.  The majority of you, I suspect, even without regard to political persuasion, would agree instantly.  The family is what it is.

The question now is just where this goes and how quickly it moves.  Obviously, the congressional Democrats will do their utmost to derail, or at least delay, this issue.  The willingness of the mainstream media to permit that obfuscation will be tested.  You and I will learn a lot about all the players in this process.  Is the media really as objective as it claims it is?  Where will current President Barack Obama land, as if there is much doubt since he has already indicated he’ll be on the campaign trail helping Hillary?  Will Comey be able to withstand the gale-force political winds he’ll be facing?

Is this going to show that early voting can be detrimental since Hillary’s team has been pushing that forcefully for months?  Who amongst the Democrats will shuck the usual blinders and rise to the occasion IF this e-mail is found to be as damning as we have to believe it to be to have forced Comey to make his decision?

Will Donald Trump be able to rise above the obvious gift of this potential scandal and assume the cloak of wisdom and measured speech we want in our President?  Will President Obama find himself having to voice an opinion on the matter?  If so, will he stand with his FBI Director or will he pummel him along with the mainstream media and continue to push for Hillary’s election as the next President of the United States of America?

Will Democrats in Congress find some technicalities or whine loudly and long enough to keep this in the wings until after the election?  Will this be just another of the unbelievable escapes performed by a member of the Clinton family?

Will we coin her “Hillary Houdini”, not to denigrate the famous Harry Houdini who was legendary for his escapes from things thought to be inescapable?  With this family and this President, anything is possible.  The outcome may well be a significant, although sordid, chapter in the history of this republic.

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