An Insidious Bias?

‘Insidious’ is defined as: “proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects.”  The insidious bias to which I refer is that which pervades the bulk of our published media, and to the broadcast media in large part with the exception of a handful of outlets, a very small handful.  I am reminded of this insidious approach when I read virtually any print media product with the exception of the few which honestly and correctly bill their product(s) as ‘conservative’.  In other words there are a few outlets that describe themselves as conservative and which live up to that billing.  There are more that think of themselves and their product as conservative which simply are not what they think they are.  They may really believe it, but those of us who are conservative perceive the difference with little or no difficulty.

Those of us who recognize the bias are able to read or listen to and watch any number of outlets and their printed and televised products without being victimized; we may want to retch but we are not victimized.  That is the case because we do not go into the process with any false ideas of fairness.  Many on the other side of this argument will accuse me of a preconceived notion that cannot be overcome with facts.  They are the victims of their own failure to accept the realities that exist simply because they choose to not see or hear anything that interferes with their long-held opinions.  I was not born conservative; I lived and learned to be a conservative by observation and careful thought and conversations.  It took me quite a while, too.

You almost need to be conservative to see the bias.  Likely that may well be the case with people of one race who profess racism while others are simply unable to conceive of why they feel the way they feel.  It is almost as problematic as someone asking you when you stopped beating your husband or wife.  Your denial convicts you in their mind no matter if you are guilty or innocent.

I suspect that the majority of media outlets, liberal as they are, actually think of themselves as staying right in the middle of the road, simply telling it like it is.  They pooh-pooh those of us who have the temerity to make such accusations as simply not knowing anything about the subject, maybe because we are not members of their ‘august’ society as purveyors of the news.  Those who have occupied these pious seats as fonts of knowledge of precisely what is worth being printed, are jealous protectors of their positions and are not terribly gracious with anyone who isn’t bright enough to comprehend why they, the purveyors, are right.

So there! 

That is what you and I are up against if we are truly conservatives, rather than simply being conservatives for public consumption only.  I have known that I was in the minority for a long time; I can tell in relatively short order those who are, versus those who are not, conservative.  I confess that I have been fooled but not very often.  And, it was usually a politician that attempted to fool me rather than an acquaintance.

I am a ‘news junkie’ and the bulk of news outlets are “liberal bastions of truth”.  In other words, they are not conservative.  That is one of the problems, for example, with USA Today gobbling up a bunch of relatively local news organizations.  The few that might’ve had even a slight conservative slant will rapidly be excised of that ‘cancer’.

It is, by the way, relatively easy to sort the news outlets during this high political season. They simply cannot overcome their liberal bias.  True conservative politicians are not likely to get ‘fair and balanced’ treatment in those papers.  The editorials are particularly damning, for those editors who are liberal cannot camouflage their true feelings no matter how hard they might try.  They know they’re being read by their peer group and they cannot afford to even lean toward the right side of an argument or a position lest they find they’ve been banished from that group.

So, back to the premise if there was one:  liberalism is insidious.  We must be constantly on guard and we must be very discerning in what we accept as unbiased fact.  Frankly, it is probably safer to think of all media as tainted and then gradually find an outlet or two upon which you can rely.  In the meantime, stay skeptical and discerning.  Mingle with other conservatives and share knowledge.  Raise issues that are troubling and see how the other person, or other people if you are fortunate enough to have several conservative ‘go to’ acquaintances, respond.

There are degrees of conservatism, so don’t think that every conservative is all the way to the finish line if there is such a line, but recognize they may be learning as much from you as you learn from them.  At the very least, you can take comfort in knowing they’ll not report you to the local ‘thought police’ (I know there aren’t any ‘thought police’ but this seemed the right way to end just in case I’m wrong about that ‘thought police’ thing.)

If you think you might be conservative, you are on the right track.  Stay the course!

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