Crude or Corrupt?

Jay Weber of WISN 1130 radio in Milwaukee has framed the coming election quite well with two words:  are you going to go for ‘crude’ or are you going to go for ‘corrupt’?  These two words, sadly and aptly, define the choice we have in the presidential race this time around.

Hillary Clinton, and all her cronies such as Democratic Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, have defined what their intent is if she takes the White House.  They will load the U.S. Supreme Court with liberals and we’ll pay that price for decades.  This is their reality, and they have clearly broadcast their playbook.  If that is your idea of the wonderful future of America, then I guess you’ll tune this out.  If that scares the bejeebers out of you, then you have your work cut out for you.

We have talked on and on about the less than splendid choice we, as Republicans and more importantly, as conservatives have in the coming election.  But this frames the issue in a very vivid and frightening manner.  We literally are voting to save the country as we know it.  PERIOD.

Eight more years of deeper liberal entrenchment following the past eight years with Barack Obama at the helm will assure that our country will fast become a very dimly lit version of the country it used to be to those looking at us.  There will be changes in the U.S. Supreme Court almost assuredly in those next eight years, and we know what those changes will bring.  We already have glimpsed the anarchy that liberals seem to breed. Look at Baltimore.  Look at Barack’s hometown of Chicago, which he and Michelle are not planning to go back to after they leave the White House.

The signposts are there for us if we will but see them and react to them.

Eight more years of liberal work on our country will virtually assure that it will never recover to be what many of us remember.  Our military will be decimated.  Our courts will be as liberal as is possible for a court to be.  Our taxes will be higher and higher to pay for all the ‘goodies’ the government will dish out to its friends.  Our standing in the world will be diminished and that will not be good for the world since we have been a leading proponent of good in this world.

Our grandchildren will have a different country than you and I had, and we will be the ones who are at fault for handing that to them.  How will we ever be able to look them in the eye and explain how we could possibly have been so foolish as to squander what we had?

So, do we simply roll over and make believe it will all be okay, or do we finally rally around our candidate and forget all the whining and wishing it weren’t so.  Our reality is what it is and the sooner we come to understand the alternative which is staring us in the face, the sooner we can get ourselves righted and vote for the person who gives us the best opportunity to sustain this country and grow it in the conservative manner we know is best for it.

We still have that opportunity, but it will fast disappear if we do not put the Republican candidate into the White House.  It is up to us but it requires some heavy lifting.  It requires that we summon the adult in each of us and do the right thing.

Donald Trump needs your vote and my vote.  You and I can help keep this movement alive but we can’t do it sitting in the dark of our home lamenting what might have been!  We have to stay active.  We have to help others understand why we are where we are politically.  We have to help them see what will be the new world if Hillary Clinton is elected President.  It isn’t just Hillary Clinton; it is all the people of her persuasion who are tugging at the ropes that bind them eager to get into that new world.

You and I are the ropes that bind the liberals.  We do that by voting conservative.  We do that by voting Trump.  We have opportunities with Donald Trump in the White House.  We do not have opportunities with Hillary Clinton in the White House.  It is just that simple.

We are at a turning point if Hillary Clinton wins this race.  All signs point to this not being advantageous for us conservatives and for the country we love.  There is still time to rally although early voting has been going on ‘big time’ for some time already.  And, historically early votes are Democrat votes.

It is sad, but the choice is crude or corrupt.  Crude Trumps corrupt.  (Cute, huh?)



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