Last Debate…Thankfully (Updated)

I expected better things from Chris Wallace serving as the moderator in the ‘debate’ between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last evening, but, obviously, I didn’t get what I expected.  If I listen to the other ‘talking heads’ on Fox News this morning, I seem in the minority since they are all heaping great praise on Wallace for the masterful job last evening.  That is to be expected, but it does not support the reality I saw last night.  Wallace had prepared well for the questioning part of the debate, but he failed miserably in providing equitable treatment of the two candidates.  There was a glaring contrast in that category.

He was very permissive of the interruptions by Hillary Clinton but very restrictive of any attempts to interrupt by Donald Trump.  She interrupted by talking over Trump regularly and there were no reprimands.  If and when Trump tried to use the same tactic, he was hammered, figuratively, by Wallace.  I have not seen the tally of minutes talked attributed to each person, but my sense is that Hillary talked at least 20% more than Trump, and I had been led to believe by the ‘mainstream media’ that Trump would bully his way into the lead in the ‘time talked’ category.

Hillary Clinton is so well-prepared by her handlers as to seem unnatural in terms of the give and take of a debate.  She knows her lines but that is about as far as it goes.  If something unexpected pops up, she gets that ‘deer in the headlights’ look about her as she works through the memory bank seeking the canned response she has memorized.  What if that ‘tape’ was to break in a real life situation with her as President?

Trump is not so well prepared, or if he is he seems to discard it occasionally and go off on a tangent.  He is not the well-practiced politician who knows his lines and knows when he is to speak them.  He is instinctive and intuitive and that, in fact, makes him more like you and me than it does to make him seem more the professional politician.  I prefer a non-politician for a change.  I prefer someone who speaks his or her mind rather than a person who simply pulls up the practiced phrase and delivers that like a computer recording, basically without feeling.

Donald Trump is a real person like me.  Hillary Clinton is a pre-programmed zombie, and I worry about who programs her and with what she is programmed.

Beyond this, there is, from my perspective, a very decided leaning by the media in favor of Hillary Clinton.  And that includes Fox News!   I have to believe that is more a dislike for Donald Trump than it is a love affair with Hillary Clinton, but it comes across as solid favoritism of all things Hillary.  If there was any critical questioning of Hillary Clinton, it must’ve occurred when I was dozing off.  It is as if the members of the media know they’ll be pilloried if they are critical of poor little Hillary Clinton who has the evil Trump ogre going up against her.

I come back to the extreme amount of baggage that Hillary drags along behind her and wonder how it is that the baggage is never the subject of any questions or even of any ‘background’ comments.  How can a member of the media with supposed credentials such as Mike Wallace carries manage to avoid any critical questioning about the Clinton family history, about the boondoggle Clinton Foundation which Hillary declared has done major beneficial things around the world.  What about the obvious ‘pay for play’ quid pro quo issues?  What about the vanishing emails?  What about Benghazi? What about her behavior with State Department officials that she disses in her travels?  And on, and on , and on!

Where were all these questions last night?  Where was the Mike Wallace who should’ve reined Hillary in on multiple occasions but instead decided he’d go after Trump mano a’ mano with his questions, and his follow-up questions?

I was very disappointed.  Wallace let me down; in fact, I think Wallace let the country down.  Hillary was Hillary and that should’ve been sufficient to rouse Wallace on occasion.  Trump was not permitted to be Trump, and I do not recall any rebuttals to Hillary’s rants following his statements.  Maybe that happened and I simply had tuned out at that point.

I can just imagine the U.S. Supreme Court in our future with President Hillary.  I can imagine the very liberal slant of our governing bodies with a President Hillary.  I can see the Clinton family’s wealth increasing exponentially with  President Hillary.  I can see my grandchildren and great-grandchildren asking why Grandpa didn’t do something about this when he had the chance.

Maybe there will be a miraculous turn-around that I cannot foresee which will bring enough voters to their senses that we do not elect Hillary Clinton as our President.  Maybe I will awaken and find that this has all been simply a very bad dream.  And maybe pigs will fly, but that isn’t very likely.

# # # # #

Donald Trump is being pilloried for his answer to the question put to him about whether he would accept the results of the election.  He said he’d wait to see what the results were, and then later came back and said he’d accept if he were the victor.

The uproar is significantly greater than it was the last time someone said they might not accept the results of a Presidential election.  That someone was good old Al Gore, obviously a Democrat.  The press didn’t seem to think it needed to make a big deal of that person’s statement but it sure seems that it has to make a big deal when there is a Republican conservative making a similar statement.

But, of course, there is no political bias within the nation’s press corp.

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