Wasn’t DDT Banned?

I know that DDT, the pesticide, was banned given the ill effects it had on us humans.  It is time for the other DDT to be banned from politics.  That DDT is Democrat Dirty Tricks, and it too causes ill effects to humans…namely the Republicans and other citizens, including innocent Democrats, impacted by it in the United States.

First, we have proof concerning the dirty tricks played by Democrats bringing non-Wisconsin people into our state to picket and, sometimes even to vote knowing full well they were engaging in illegal activities but not caring since they were being paid well to do so.  Scott Foval, one of the perpetrators (a national Democratic operative), had a couple of drinks too many and just had to brag about what he did for the Democrat Party.  Dirty tricks included the disabling of vans that were rented to enable the Republican Party to convey people, real citizens who wanted to cast ballots for Republican candidates, to the polling places to cast their ballots. Dirty tricks included using automobiles bearing Wisconsin license plates to bring people from out-of-state to Wisconsin polling places so as not to raise any red flags.  It is not good to have a lot of cars with Illinois plates lined up outside Wisconsin polling places.

This only scratches the surface, and yet it ought to be enough to make good, honest Democrats recoil over what some in their party will do to rig elections.  This version of DDT is just as pervasive as the insecticide version, if not more so.  This version of DDT perverts the process of legal voting to the benefit of the perpetrators, Democrat operatives who believe this is okay so long as they do it but who abhor the thought that the opposing political party might even think about such actions.

This is bad enough when promoted by lower level Democrats, but it seems the Democrats are absolutely enraged if a Republican would even suggest such this occur.  President Obama told candidate Donald Trump to “stop whining”.  President Obama was evidencing his concern over his disgust that Republicans would even voice basic concern over possible voter fraud.  Imagine his behavior were this tilted playing field actually benefitting Republicans instead of his bosom buddy Democrats.  He might go so far as to have someone try to find some way to use Executive Orders to ban Republicans from casting ballots.  He has used them extensively to avoid any possibility of opposition.

We can carry the DDT effort further and point to the never-ending investigation of things Republican by the Democrat District Attorney of Milwaukee County.  All this flies under the radar but a Republican demand for fair elections is portrayed as an example of Republican mischief in an attempt to manipulate the ballot boxes of the state.  The former Government Accountability Board, GAB, executives were involved in this Democrat effort when they were really charged with ensuring fair elections.

We can carry this to the national level and find the poster girl for Democrat fraud, Hillary Clinton, who dumped e-mails to avoid being branded as having committed a crime related to confidential information flow.

DDT has been alive and well, and the Democratic Party has been fully aware of it since its inception.  Those dirty tricks have gone to the level of the FBI Director deciding no crime had been committed in Hillary Clinton’s use of non-secure email servers, and to the Attorney General standing by and permitting that travesty to occur.

This litany could go on and on, but the point has been made.  DDT, the pesticide, may have been banned but DDT, the Democrat party’s Dirty Tricks, continue to be alive and well, albeit a bit better camouflaged courtesy of an ‘I see nothing’ national press and a squeamish Republican Party fearing to touch the whole sordid mess.

Of course, this diatribe has so far overlooked the biggest voter fraud ever committed:  the enactment vote in the dark of night by a strictly Democratic Party votes (no independents and no Republicans voted for this beast) to create the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare which may well go down in history as the greatest dirty trick ever perpetrated on Americans.

It is way past time to ban the other DDTDemocrat Dirty Tricks!  That requires all Republicans and Independents to go to the polls and turn every Democrat running this time out of office and keep new Democrats from gaining office.

This national house cleaning would have a remarkably beneficial effect on our economy and our outlook.

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