Were Those Sighs Of Relief?

Julian Assange has lost his internet connection if reports are to be believed.  If you have been in hibernation for a period of time, Julian Assange is credited as the birther of WikiLeaks.  He has also been behind the protective closed doors of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for what seems like a long, long time.

This would explain the sighs of relief from politicians almost worldwide since he has been a masterful leaker of information that is embarrassing to his targets.  Assange being cut off from Internet access is the rough equivalent of you or me being tied hand and foot and tossed into a dark closet cut off from the rest of the world.  He has, whether legally or illegally, been a thorn in the side of nations since none of them know if or when he will have proved to have successfully hacked into their deep, dark political secrets.

He has been doing this for a long time and Ecuador has been his protector vis a vis his being able to live and function inside the walls of the Ecuadorian Embassy for several years.  I wonder what or who got to the Ecuadorian officials to cause this potential and proven source of embarrassing leaks to have been stopped?  Might this have been due to political pressure being brought to bear on Ecuador?  That seems quite likely since that country would’ve been in control of Assange’s access to the Internet, and since it apparently had no problems with Assange’s activities until now.

The next question, then, would be from whom or from where did the pressure that forced Ecuador to change its mind about Assange’s Internet access have possibly come?  What entity would possibly have the clout necessary to force a sovereign nation to change course?  It would have to be a very powerful country.  It would have to be a very powerful country with someone or something so compelling that it would resort to threats of one kind or another to force Ecuador to acquiesce.

It likely would’ve been someone or something so threatened by the continued leaks that it or they felt something simply had to be done before something really devastating occurred.

Might this threat have been delivered surreptitiously by our own State Department accompanied by various and sundry threats of aid being cut off, or of damaging state secrets being divulged or simply of a direct non-specific threat from the most powerful country in the world to a relatively benign little country?

Is it even possible that Hillary Clinton, who has been a very convenient target of Julian Assange’ threats regarding dumps of damning data, would resort to something so heinous as to have an entire country threatened simply to protect her political aspirations?

You will have to answer that question as you see fit.

I obviously have enough doubt so that I question where this Ecuadoran Internet disconnect originated, and why it was triggered at this particular time.  Stranger things have occurred, things that have defied a fairly direct tie-in, but this is simply one of those pieces of low-hanging fruit that are very tantalizing and thought-provoking.

And, one would have to admit, this is something that might’ve been conjured up by a political operative.  Why now if not because of political concern?  The political arena is the only thing that has materially changed since Julian Assange began his WikiLeak dumps.

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