Hillary ‘I Do Not Recall’ Clinton…

Given her inability to remember virtually anything and everything that she has said and/or done based upon her responses to legal interrogatories, is this woman fit to serve as President of the United States?  The latest episode in this ongoing, and mind-boggling, series of legal skirmishes, in which she has simply stood mute by sending her counsel to stand in for her in an action brought by Judicial Watch.  She is apparently above the need to personally respond so her counsel, David Kendall, made the responses for her to save her time and possible/probable embarrassment.  His was simply another layer of obfuscation.  She responded to 25 questions with an “I do not recall” answer to 21 of those questions.  Case closed.

Based on her failures as Secretary of State, is this woman now qualified to serve as President of the United States?

Based on the history she and her hubby have created, does this woman deserve promotion to the Oval office?

As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton opined yesterday, “Mrs. Clinton’s refusal to answer many of the questions about her e-mails in a clear and straightforward manner further reflects her disdain for the rule of law.”

This is not a display of the ‘new’ Hillary Clinton.  This is the same old Hillary Clinton we have observed in one place or another over years and years.  This is the Hillary Clinton who has felt she was above the law in the past, and who seems to have continued to feel she is above the law; and why not when she has skated every time?

She appears, if the lack of any legal actions is a good indicator, to be above the law just as she has believed for years.  She appears to really be entitled given her lack of qualifications for the many positions she has been accorded over the years.

Hillary Clinton has become the poster-woman for liberal condescension as the National Review labelled her on the cover of its October 10th issue. It is that liberal condescension that provides the frosting on the cake;  she is so far above the rest of us, and is so much smarter than the rest of us, and is so much more privileged than any of us, is so much more entitled, how could we do anything but make her our President?

From Hillary’s perspective, we, the people, are apparently a bit slow and to be pitied if we haven’t already reached the same conclusion she reached years ago.  After all, we have watched her just as she has watched herself, albeit not with the same joy or admiration, so why is there even a question about whether or not she deserves what she wants?

The ‘Clinton Corporation’ which includes its subsidiary, the Clinton Foundation (a great pay for play ploy), provides us with all we should need to know about Hillary and her family and her abilities.  They come as a package.

She and Bill have been ‘entitled’ for years.  They have skated through things that would likely have derailed others’ efforts to continue their upward climb.  Bill’s, to be kind, ‘antics’ should have served to eliminate anything ‘Clinton’ ever again in our lifetimes, but that didn’t occur.  Her rolling over in the face of those ‘antics’ should have served to deny her any further access to increased power.  Her actions and lack of actions in the ‘Benghazi’ episode leading to the deaths of several including an Ambassador should have served to deny her this apparent next step in her climb.  The State Department e-mail bull crap, coupled with the FBI Director’s decision to avoid doing anything that might disrupt her climb to power, coupled with hubby Bill’s visit with the Attorney General on board an official U.S. aircraft sitting on the tarmac in Phoenix which was blatantly a violation by intercession; all this was wiped off the slate so that she could continue her climb.

The almost sophomoric denials of any memories tied to e-mails should have served to take Hillary Clinton off the track for the Oval office.  And yet, she has the backing of the mainstream media, and of all the Democrat bigwigs to whom power and control are obviously more important than honesty and integrity.

I suspect that a significant part of the Donald Trump wave of enthusiasm was the result of him not cowering about telling it like it is so far as Hillary Clinton is concerned.  His impolite ‘scratch the itch’ approach to Hillary was seen as welcome by the millions who knew the fix was in for the next President of the United States.  And the fix was and is in.

This is Hillary’s year.  It is her turn.  She has been a loyal Democrat for years; she has put up with the indiscretions of her husband; and, she has helped hide the evidence of shenanigans over the years.  She can be the first woman President.  It is Hillary’s turn unless enough of us get fed up with her dancing around anything resembling a legality; with the obvious loading of this deck; with the obvious ability by some in power to neglect their sworn duties, and with the obvious rewrite of the ‘history’ we have lived.  It is Hillary’s turn unless we decide differently.

Hillary ‘I Do Not Recall’ Clinton, indeed!

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