Maybe Now It Is Official…

ObamaCare has been on life support virtually since its inception through the after-midnight vote by the Democrats, every Democrat and not a single Republican, created this ill-thought offense on health care delivery at taxpayer expense.

ObamaCare, a/k/a the Affordable Care Act, was the product of Barack Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress, hence its nickname which the President seems to have enjoyed, at least until recently when it showed very clear signs of implosion.

Now, though, it appears that the consensus of Democratic Governor Mark Dayton, of Minnesota, makes it official since he has now spoken saying that the Affordable Care Act is “no longer affordable”.  The full text was “The reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable for increasing numbers of people”.  (Double-digit rate increases, high double-digit rate increases, are not unheard of for the coming year).  Of course, true to his Democratic roots, he also called on the Congress to fix the law to somehow address rising costs and the instability of the marketplace.  It was this same Democrat Congress that fixed the health care system by inaugurating the flawed health care act in the first place. Keep the image of the revelry that early morning in Washington, D.C. when the Democrats celebrated their victory in your mind’s eye as you go to the polls.

There is a statement that seems to hold true in this case:  “So late so smart”.  The Democrats have created a monster and that monster is devouring the health care system as we have known it.  Insurers have essentially had their fill of pumping good money into these programs after bad money.  In many states, the number of carriers still offering coverage has significantly reduced, and premium increases being requested are higher, much higher, than used to be the case before the Democrats “saved” the health care delivery system.  Added to this are the changes in coverage and in network availability, and one can plainly see that this has more than “some serious blemishes” as Governor Dayton opined.

The Obama administration passes this off as a “one-year market correction”.  They seem to find it necessary to whistle in the graveyard.  ObamaCare without massive infusions of taxpayer money is in its death throes.  And that is after massive infusions of taxpayer money already flushed down the rathole.

This simple fact ought to be a key point in candidate Trump’s efforts to get on top of the polls.  Hillary Clinton stands for more of the same old garbage; the same old garbage that has gotten us to this point, to begin with; and which is all too unlikely to do anything to prevent the total failure of this sham and the attendant damage to the underlying health care system.

If a Democrat Governor can identify the issues so lucidly, one would think that Hillary Clinton ought to be at least as smart…except that she is flying at 50,000 feet while Governor Dayton is at ground level seeing the realities.

This issue, which literally threatens the health care system in this country, ought to be a primary topic in all of Donald Trump’s speeches from now on, as well as the fact that this is the product of a purely Democratic response to the ‘issue’ of affordable health care, which obviously has not made health care affordable.  It has done precisely the opposite.

Would anyone be terribly surprised if there were Clinton campaign talk of forming a civilian health care Administration modeled after the Veterans Administration health system which is so responsive (pun intended) to the needs of our veterans?

It is time for a very thorough house cleaning in Washington, D.C.  We need to clean out the White House and replace the current occupant with a Republican (that means Donald Trump).  We need to be sure we have a solid majority of Republicans in the other house, the House of Representatives.  And we need to have a majority in the U. S. Senate, which, since I am situated in Wisconsin, means we have to be certain we do not re-elect a former Senator by the name of Feingold with whose sitting out for the last six years we seem to have done quite well, but instead keep our current Republican, and conservative, Senator Ron Johnson in office.

We seem to need to punish ourselves every once in a while by electing Democrats only to come to our senses too late and paying the price for whatever the term of office is in each case.

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