The Unshackled Donald Trump…a/k/a The Horns of a Dilemma (Updated)

Buckle your chip straps.  The new unshackled Donald Trump is freed up from the need to even try to act presidential given Rep. Paul Ryan’s teleconference with Republicans of a couple of days ago where he, Ryan, advised them each to go their own way so far as support of Donald Trump is concerned and given Mr. Trump’s reaction to that message being delivered.

Might the least evil person in the race for President be changing from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton?  That is almost too tumultuous to even contemplate; is it even possible for Donald Trump to become more boorish?  Time will tell since he now appears to consider himself unfettered given Rep. Paul Ryan’s remarks to his Republican congressional team members in a teleconference on Monday of this week.

At this rate, given that any further diminution of likeability on Trump’s part will make him someone that I simply cannot cast a vote for, and given his propensity for near-cataclysmic behavior when pressed into a corner, I suspect he will begin to drop in popularity like the proverbial stone in a pond.  Even those of us who have been in the ‘lesser of evils’ camp, a most uncomfortable place to be, will have to step back and carefully reconsider our options.

That is a task I will need to prepare for given my dislike of virtually any and all things Clinton.  I have never placed a ballot in the ballot box without a vote for a particular office since I have never before been placed in this predicament.  There has always been sufficient redeeming value in the party’s selection as the candidate that I have rolled over to the degree necessary and voted as a good little Republican…as I am sure has happened to many good little Democrats somewhere along the line, as well, truth be told.

There is a third party candidate for President whose name escapes me at the moment which tells you where I am on that scale, but that might be the alternative rather than to not cast a ballot for President at all.  The end result is the same.  I will not have cast a ballot for the winning candidate and I will not have cast my first vote for a Democrat for President.

I have never even thought of being placed in a position such as this regarding an office so important as that of President of the United States.  What has happened over the years to make this even a possibility?  Have we run out of decent and qualified people to run for this, the most important elected office not only in our country but in the entire world?  Is this the legacy that my generation will leave for our sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters?

This is a most sobering day in a most sobering month in a most sobering year.  I simply have never contemplated being unable to comfortably cast a ballot for the Republican candidate for President of the United States.  Given the likelihood that Donald Trump will become even worse in these remaining days than he has managed to be so far, and given his outright rebuke of a person whose politics I have admired.  He leaves me no recourse but to very seriously consider the third party candidate whose bio I have to read and reflect upon when this has been posted.  I suspect that I will not be alone.

What a time in this great country’s history!

Note:  Friends/readers have talked me off the ledge, however, this guy has to get his stuff together or he will be buried by voter disgust.  He is playing in the big leagues and much is expected when people dip their toe into that pool.  I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Congressman Ryan on several occasions and have never been in the room with a smarter, brighter or more humble person.  Donald Trump would be very wise to put on his humble clothing if he has any, and sit with Paul Ryan for an hour or two; I guarantee he’d learn a great deal if he just listened, which does not appear to be a particularly strong suit.  Hillary Clinton will be a disaster as a President!

One thought on “The Unshackled Donald Trump…a/k/a The Horns of a Dilemma (Updated)

  1. Al

    Don’t fret, we are all in this together and as Americans we will overcome this dilemma and get things back on track.

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