WikiLeaks; Maybe Not So Bad

We have been conditioned to think of the WikiLeaks e-mail disclosure episodes as being terrible since this group grabs personal documents through the Internet.  Of late, however, we seem to be benefitting from the revelations coming to us courtesy of WikiLeaks and its findings from John Podesta’s email trove which it has managed to gather up.  Podesta is campaign chair for Hillary Clinton so there has to be some ‘good stuff’ in that trove.  By the way, if WikiLeaks can get this kind of data via the Internet, have we really any idea of the data that foreign powers, read China and Russia, have already made off with from our nation’s most sensitive files?

It is appearing, more so every day, that the only thing that might defeat Hillary Clinton is WikiLeaks’ sharing of the e-mails in John Podesta’s system.  Maybe WikiLeaks could actually find the e-mails wiped clean by Hillary’s henchmen. Wouldn’t that be great?

The RNC, Republican National Committee, has tried to work with Donald Trump’s campaign organization but Trump seems to always have some remark or some tweet that defeats whatever the RNC has worked to create in his behalf.  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Speaker of the House of Representatives, has apparently found it politically expedient to basically throw up his hands in despair as he tries to keep the herding of congressional cats under control.  He has not disavowed Trump outright but he has come about as close to that as is possible without such a statement.  The level of frustration which has to have preceded this action is likely beyond our ability to comprehend.

Were the alternative more palatable, I might actually consider voting for a Democratic candidate assuming, of course, that I could find one that is a trustworthy supporter of things ‘conservative’.  There may have been some of those in much earlier times in that party, but there are none that I can find in today’s Democratic party.  In fact, that party seems to me to have come dangerously close to being anathema to our country’s best interests.  The Democratic party bigwigs seem considerably more attuned to global interests than to America’s interests.

The Republican Party candidate does seem dialed into America’s interests but he has a painful way of stepping on his own feet while wearing golf spikes.  He permits himself to be set up for failure and seems unable to arrest his headlong run toward the edge of the abyss.  He is too often hyper-sensitive to criticism rather than simply shedding that criticism like rain drops.  He has baggage but nothing that even begins to match up to the baggage being drug along the election trail by his opponent.

There is an old, old statement that goes like this:  Pride Goeth Before A Fall.  Donald Trump, so far, has seemed to be the present-day embodiment of that phrase.

So, where does that leave those of us who are political conservatives?  We have a painful decision coming soon.  We have all, if I am correct, already struggled with this decision and the weight of the decision does not get any lesser.  We cannot square our beliefs with a vote for Hillary Clinton.  It is just that simple.  Nearly anything would be better than that, maybe short of relinquishing our sacred right to cast a ballot.  So, if we have to vote, and I believe we do, then for whom do we vote?  We could vote for a write-in of our choosing but that is, of course, the simple act of assuring that our vote has no meaning other than to us as a matter of conscience.  Conscience is, of course, very important to us conservatives.  Were it not, we could vote Democratic.

If we know in our heart of hearts that Hillary Clinton would be disastrous for our country, for our way of life, for our children and their children and their children, we have no choice but to vote for her opponent.  We are right back to the ‘lesser of evils’ argument I’ve promised to try to avoid banging on everyday…seemingly to no avail, I admit.  There is an obvious reason for this to be an impossible task:  this is the classic definition of a ‘lesser of evils’ situation.

We are rapidly approaching the point where we will be casting our ballots.  Many have already cast their ballots as early voters.  There is scant little time for any major political breakthroughs, so it seems safe to presume we already have a good idea for whom we will vote.  Many of the early ballots have already gone to Hillary Clinton; that is just the nature of that early ballot beast, as an earlier blog discussed.

We may be tempted to simply sit out this election, but that is not a constructive solution. We may find that the wrong person, from our perspective, has been elected, but that in and of itself is not part of the answer.  We must set the example for our children and their children.  We must demonstrate that even when we do not get the person into office we desired, this is still a democracy and it is still influenceable even if only over decades to come, by helping our children and their children to perpetuate freedom through voting.  If we do not vote, we are guilty of a great shortcoming.  We are denigrating those who have fought and died for this right to remain ours.

We can also make the decision to become very involved in future elections.  Politics in and of itself is not a bad thing.  It is the people sometimes involved who give it a less-than-stellar reputation.  It is also each of us who decide to not vote for whatever reason that is guilty today for what may be reaped by our descendants over time.

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