Fit to Serve?

The debate last evening, if it can be called a debate, was quite something.  What, I’m a bit unsure of but it did show us a different person in Donald Trump’s skin.  He had definitely decided that he would press Hillary Clinton, and press her he did.

This, of course, was the debate where Bill Clinton’s sexcapades were paraded past us once again, and where Trump worked on the “enabler” tag to brand Hillary.  This was significant in that it took the ‘debates’ to a new level, a lower level but a new level.

Hillary worked diligently to create  the image of Donald Trump being unfit to serve as President of the United States.  She was playing the sympathy card so far as I can determine, but there were people in the audience who knew she and her husband back in the good old days in Arkansas.  Those people were very likely the people deserving sympathy.  One, in fact, was the recipient of some $800,000+ to make her go away since Bill Clinton, at the time, was seeking a higher position, ultimately the presidency, and the ‘bimbo eruption’ was intolerable.  That person was Paula Jones.  Of course, there were other names from that era.  Names like Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey and Jennifer Flowers, and on and on.

Some saw this as an improper play on Trump’s part, but there is that pesky question raised by Hillary to wit:  Is this person fit to serve?  She obviously believes that Donald Trump is not fit to serve essentially because of his personal history.  In this context, turnabout seems quite fair, and it was Mr. Trump who was asking the question of Hillary Clinton.  Is she fit to serve given her past history?

For many reasons, I believe the answer to that question is a simple “No”; she is unfit to serve given her history, both in the more distant past and in the recent past.  And while it might have been somewhat uncomfortable for those watching this is a fair question to raise…and it is a question that deserves to be answered by each of us who will have a vote to cast.

We have a pretty good feel for the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary.  They have been on our radar screens seemingly forever; they are a known quantity.  For many of us, that known quantity is not good since we remember the past and we are careful and keen observers of the present.  That this couple has continued to be able to ply their particular kind of politics, reaping enormous monetary rewards and significantly greater positions of public trust are anathema to me.

I cannot condone their actions, past or present.  I have great difficulty with her handling, or more appropriately her mishandling, of the Benghazi episode.  The bold-faced lies to families of those killed speaks of a person I want nowhere near the Oval office.  The shady deals that have brought untold riches for favors rendered, or to be rendered, are sufficient to have them all banned from anything to do with public good from this day forward.

Does the bombast from Donald Trump bother me?  Yes, it does, however, it doesn’t bother me nearly to the degree that the idea of Hillary Clinton as my President bothers me.  Here we are at that old “lesser of evils” juncture.  That is an unfortunate reality for this election season.  We have what we have and we need to make the best choice we can make given the candidates.

I know what one choice is going to bring, and I am not certain about the other choice.  I know that one choice is absolutely the wrong choice; that is the choice of Hillary Clinton as the next President.  It is the wrong choice for many reasons in her own right, not just because of the First Gent she’ll bring along with her…although that is not a comforting thought for me.  Hillary Clinton has proved time and again that she cannot be trusted.  Anyone who relies on lying to the degree she has is simply unfit to serve.  Is politics in this day and age burdened with many who lie?  I don’t know if it is many, but I do know there are more liars in Congress than I wish were the case.  As I write this sentence I see their faces flash before me.

Our system is not perfect; there is no perfect form of governance on this earth.  We can help ourselves, however, by avoiding bringing more unscrupulous people into the world of government, and we can help ourselves by ridding government of those we discover among those already serving.

Do you want Hillary, with Bill’s urging, to re-constitute the United States Supreme Court? That will happen in her eight years as President if that is where we put her.  Do you want Hillary to be in charge of our military when she can’t even protect an embassy?  Do you want the old Arkansas days to be back in full force in Washington, D.C.?  Bill still has his personal suite in Little Rock and the rumors continue to run rampant.  The Clinton Foundation is one of the greatest “pay to play” organizations ever seen in our country.  Pay to play is illegal.  Will that continue to exist if Hillary becomes President?  Can you imagine the level of payoffs that could bring?

A Hillary Clinton presidency would be a bad deal for the United States if there were to be no change in personality and if past history serves as an accurate forecast for the future as I suspect would be the case, she will not change unless she gets worse.

Of our two apparent choices, I believe Donald Trump would be the more fit to serve of the two candidates.  Maybe not by a big margin, but margin enough!

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