Timing Is Everything, But…

Well, the blog topic for today was pretty easy to come up with…The Trump revelation (disgusting to say the least) and its timing vs. the total lack of revelations concerning the Clinton’s when there is a plethora from which to select was the obvious choice.

I think most of us have recognized that the national political playing field and that the press coverage of same is slanted in the direction of the Democrats.  That is not ‘new’ news.  I think that all of us have recognized that Donald Trump is flawed…in fact, all of us are flawed; that is the human condition. Some of us have the problem of living under spotlights controlled by forces not always anxious to protect us from embarrassment.  In fact, some of us have many people who would prefer we slink under a rock and never reappear, and who work assiduously to cause that to occur.

We are ‘blessed’ with two of the most flawed political candidates we have ever seen in this race for President of the United States of America.  I have tried to avoid overuse of the phrase “lesser of evils” but continually have apologized for that phrase being used in these blogs.

The tape of Donald Trump bragging about his sexual exploits that apparently dates back to 2005 is, of course, all the rage today after its disclosure yesterday.  It is disgusting!  It shows the human flaws of the man.  It brings into question his ability to make good decisions.  The timing was obviously executed perfectly.  The idea that this tape just surfaced is so far-fetched as to be unbelievable.  This has been ‘in the can’ ready to go for months.

Our two national political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, can be quite antagonistic toward each other, but one of the two parties is clearly in a different league when it comes to the seamier side of politics.  That party has the bulk of the national media on its side and has people from all walks of life ready, willing and able to forget decency and go to work to destroy the opposition.  The Democratic Party wins that race hands down, AND IT JUST PROVED ITS AGILITY AND ABILITY ONCE AGAIN.

The FBI Director managed to find nothing in Hillary Clinton’s e-mails that warranted any action even though she broke numerous laws.  Bill Clinton’s little tarmac visit with the AG has gone largely unchallenged since they were just talking about grandkids.  The press has forgotten, quite conveniently how the male side of the Clinton family behaved in the Office of the Governor of Arkansas and in the Oval office.  He literally engaged in sexual activity in the Oval office, and yet he is revered within the Democratic Party today as one of the grand old titans of power.  There are literally dead bodies that have never been adequately explained in the Clinton family’s history.  There are any number of sleazy deals that have brought them fortunes they had never dreamed of having.  The Clinton Foundation is simply the current iteration, the epitome of ‘pay for play’.

None of this excuses Donald Trump.  He can be a creep.  But, there is enough bad stuff to go around on both sides of this political fence if the Republican Party were as ruthless as the Democratic Party is ruthless.  I love Reince Priebus, the Chair of the Republican Party, but he is too honest and upstanding to be able to go toe-to-toe with the Democratic Party.  We conservatives work diligently to get our message across to the voters, while the other party works diligently to tar and feather its opponent rather than to try to win the battle of ideas.

It does, however, raise a valid point of comparison about the relative hands-off treatment of one side of the equation by the press while the other side of the equation is set up for failure.  This tape has very likely been ready to be rolled out at just the right time, and the Democratic Party felt this was ‘just the right time’.  And all the Party bigwigs were in on it in my opinion.

When it comes to dirty tricks, we conservatives are simply outclassed.  We play by the rules and we live by the rules.

Will this prove to have cost us the election?  It might well do that.  The role of public opinion is strong, and this is a bad deal.  Most of us are decent and upstanding people. We don’t think along these kinds of lines and that is why we get blindsided.  We have known our candidate was flawed; we have known Hillary Clinton is flawed.  Much now rides on how Donald Trump deals with this, and on how the public feels about him.  Use of the word ‘feels’ suggests this is going to be an emotional decision by the voters.  That is precisely how this comes down.

I find Hillary Clinton and her party to be so despicable that I will still vote for Donald Trump.  I do not like to contemplate what will happen to this great country if another Clinton sits in that Oval Office just because she would be the first female President and in spite of the baggage that family will have brought along with it from Arkansas.  They both carry major baggage.

I’ll take my chances with Donald Trump.  That at least gives me cause for hope; the other option takes hope out of the equation.  Our U.S. Supreme Court will by ultra-liberal for decades to come under a President Clinton.  We will move more stridently and more quickly toward a socialist form of government.  There will be more abominations such as ObamaCare.  We will no longer be able to lay claim to being the shining light on the hill; we’ll be just another example of a failed socialist country.  I worry not about myself, but about my grandchildren and their children and their children’s children.



One thought on “Timing Is Everything, But…

  1. I am concerned about the future of this once great country. Both political party’s are more concerned about power and fame then they are the people they will serve. I also worry about my grandchildren and their children and the generations after them. I pray that our political leaders will start to serve the American people soon before it is to late !!


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