Voter ID Issue Misconception…

If we are to believe the results of how the press chooses to convey the ‘Voter ID’ issue, we conservatives/Republicans are presumed guilty of ballot box ‘stuffing’ through the denial of voter identification for liberals thus keeping them from the polls and amplifying the value of our votes.

I do not buy into that poppycock having been a poll worker and having been trained in all the various mechanisms and proof documents currently available to verify one’s eligibility to vote in Wisconsin.  I do not know how other states approach this issue, but I highly suspect those states are just as diligent as is Wisconsin in this voter turn-out issue.  Frankly, it is quite easy and straightforward for anyone to be granted the right to vote,  but this is also a great issue for liberals who seem intent on a consistent self-portrayal as the downtrodden and denied voters.  The press seems only too happy to do its part to perpetuate this myth.

This ‘ginned up’ pre-vote effort simply is designed to rally the liberal troops.  If the liberals can be convinced, over and over again every election, that members of their ilk are being systematically denied the right to vote, the liberal turnout will be larger as the result.  Or at least that seems the rationale behind this oft-repeated mantra.  And, it must be working since the liberals mount this routine bogus claim every election.  Of course, the liberal media is only too happy to grab this message and amplify it as much as possible.

The hope on the part of the backers of this claim is, of course, two-fold.  First, the complicit press serves as the pollinator of more and more liberal voters who turn out because they, as a group, are being ‘systematically denied’ their right to vote.  And, second, the conservative candidates and conservative voters are damned for this as well as being damned for their miscreant belief in the wrong people.  Sort of a massive two for one deal every time a vote is scheduled.

Has there been some level of misinformation on the part of the DMV?  Apparently, there has been a handful, literally, of DMV employees who left the wrong impression with prospective voters…all of whom are obviously liberal, since I know of no conservatives who harbor the misbelief that drives this issue and who would, therefore, run to the local press at any semblance of opportunity.

As an example of how far left this cabal is, Bernie Sanders is the latest to opine, which opinion was, of course, printed in the morning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  I quote: “What we cannot allow are governors all over this country, not only here in Wisconsin, who are very clearly and actively trying to suppress the vote, trying to make it harder for people to vote because those people may vote against them.  This is cowardly, that is un-American, and that is unacceptable.”

What a grand display if ill-informed rhetoric, that either flows from a lack of information or from the wanton disregard for the truth and/or a sublime misunderstanding of the issue.  In any case, it does not deserve the space it was given in this newspaper, but…

This seems to be an application of the classic “kettle calling the pot black” approach to logic which always seems to work for the liberal media.  They get their jollies this way.  And their editors slap them heartily on the back for such a great turn of phrase.  It is unfortunate that there is a segment of the voting populace which is moved by such exercises, but there is and this tactic will continue to be employed for so long as it works.

Amazingly, conservatives seem to win quite often.  Maybe the truth does win out.


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