Pence vs. Kaine? No Contest!

The differences between two men, each vying for the Vice Presidency, could not have been more stark!  Mike Pence was head and shoulders above Tim Kaine in content and in class! Kaine tried to use the technique of constant interruptions to both perplex and frustrate Pence.  It backfired, at least from my perspective.  It made Kaine look the fool who couldn’t compete using intellect and thus was forced to resort to these childish tactics.

Mike Pence was the consummate professional who showed that he could easily be seen stepping into the position of President of the United States were that ever to be required of him presuming he becomes Vice President as the result of the coming election.  He will add appreciably to the Republican ticket as the VP candidate alongside Donald Trump.

Frankly, Tim Kaine seems the appropriate choice as Hillary Clinton’s running mate since neither of them is an appealing presence as either President or Vice President from my perspective, and they make a duo that can easily be voted against.  She at least got that right; she picked a person with whom she can get along and they seem to complement each other, to their mutual detriment…from my perspective.  They couldn’t have made me happier…so long as they do not win the election!

Tim Kaine was, to my thinking, an embarrassment last evening.  He was constantly trying to interject and throw his challenger off his stride.  The interruptions were downright annoying!  It didn’t work the way Kaine had obviously hoped.  To the contrary, it made Kaine seem even less capable and more obstructionist than he might’ve had he simply played it straight instead of being too cute and too curt by at least half.

The moderator was in over her head, or she was intentionally favoring the Democratic team or both.  Kaine should’ve been publicly rebuked for his constant attempts to interrupt.  Instead, the moderator simply permitted him to engage in that manner without much, if any, reminder that he was not to do that.

The contrast between these two men was so distinct as to be almost comical with Mike Pence so obviously the lead dog, and the obviously more professional of the two in the match-up; and, with Tim Kaine so obviously the school yard bully bereft of any real qualifications for such an important office.

There is much ground left to cover in this race, but I think the Democrats have made their climb a bit steeper with this team unless Kaine finds some class somewhere rather than to simply try to bully his way through the race.  As stated earlier, this is a teammate that should help the Republican ticket.  Kaine needs to become an adult if he expects to gain ground after this inauspicious beginning.  Maybe the addition of Kaine to the Democrat’s team was intended to make Hillary seem better by contrasting the two.  I doubt that was the motive in Kaine being picked but the decision to use the constant interruption tactic in the debate was a terrible mistake.  If that was his personal decision, he needs a good old-fashioned talking to by someone.  If that was a team decision, wonderful.  Keep up the good work.

So, the teams are assembled and the real race is beginning.  Hillary’s dirty laundry needs to be aired and there is an ample amount of that from Arkansas to today.  The Republicans need to continue to occupy the high ground but also need to be ready to fire back if and when necessary depending on the tactics employed by their opponents.  Hillary and her team cannot be permitted to establish their version of the truth without the other side refuting that effort vociferously using the facts that exist.

Republicans have the issue of Donald Trump’s wandering off the reservation occasionally with which to contend, and the choice of Mike Pence goes a long way toward helping in that regard.  He has the political experience that Trump lacks and that should be a benefit to the team.

This election is Trump’s to take if he can avoid stepping in the occasional cow pie he will encounter along the way (for those of you not accustomed to dairy farms, that is the waste deposit made by cows) and if he can stay on message and not allow himself to be attracted to shiny objects.  The Democrats are trying to be helpful and their ticket is evidence of that.  Republicans need to let the Democrats self-destruct, and they need to develop tactics that will encourage that self-destruction.

The selection of Tim Kaine is the second step in the Democrat’s process of self-destruction.  Hillary, of course, was the first step given her baggage that stands ready to be exploited if the Republicans can get their stuff together and accept the gifts they’ll be given by the Democrats… such as the VP selection they just made.

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