Justice Served, Or..?

Being Wisconsin-based, local politics that go national catch our collective attention.  Such is the case with a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that it will not consider a Wisconsin case which means that this case finally seems to have run its course.  This case originated three years ago with an early morning home invasion triggered by a  John Doe investigation mounted by the District Attorney for Milwaukee County, John Chisholm, a Democrat.  The targets were all of the Republican persuasion.  You begin to see a pattern I suspect.

This has been on the front page in our newspapers and the lead item on any number of newscasts as it has played itself out.  It featured confiscation of huge amounts of paperwork and wiretaps that were instituted without the knowledge of the targets, etc., etc.  To those of us of the conservative belief system, this was an egregious miscarriage of justice happening before our very eyes.

It finally seems to have played itself out with the U.S. Supreme Court refusing to hear the case.  That lets stand the Wisconsin Supreme Court finding there was no “there” there.  The state Supreme Court found the case “to be unconstitutionally overbroad and vague under the First Amendment”.

So far, there has been no release of the materials originally seized.  History would suggest that Chisholm is likely trying to determine if he has any other recourse other than to give up the attempt.  One would think that being rebuffed by the U.S. Supreme Court that refused to take the case would suffice as the final word on this matter.

This is quite an example since people would’ve had no idea they were being listened to on phone calls since these taps were ordered by judges behind closed doors.  They were aimed at very high-level political players, none of whom were Democrats, of course.  The costs for this effort were primarily, if not completely, borne by the taxpayers of Milwaukee County.

This all probably fed into the decision by the Wisconsin Legislature, Republican controlled, to end the life of the Government Accountability Board that had become quite liberal in its make-up and decision-making since it was based in Madison, WI.  Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is also a conservative court, at the moment, given its current constitution.  That court has also had its share of publicity with a Justice being accused of physically assaulting another Justice, etc.  Nothing, other than bad press, has resulted from those charges.

District Attorney Chisholm seems to have encountered the perfect storm…finally…but it remains to be seen if he finds yet another approach to continue pursuing the goal of embarrassing/harassing Republicans…and of harassing Governor Scott Walker specifically.  Internecine political fighting seems quite robust in the Badger state.  Only time will tell if DA Chisholm finally has to give up the fight; he has been a tough opponent using every tactic he could come up with in this war against Governor Walker, and Republicans in general.  It would seem that he is now ‘tapped out’, but…




















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