What If…

The news concerning the financial health of ObamaCare continues to worsen almost by the day.  Some hope that continues to the point that ObamaCare self-destructs, a not unlikely result as things are now moving.  Others hope that there will be a President Hillary Clinton and that the real point of the whole ObamaCare thing, true nationalized health care, will become a reality for all Americans.

Is this far-fetched or is there a seed of truth present that ought to frighten all who value their privately driven health care system in America?

Obamacare is hemorrhaging money and there are fewer and fewer remaining insurers willing, and still sufficiently financially able, to continue to play in this new ballpark.  They recognize they need major infusions of capital or they may actually risk going belly-up.  The providers of care are caught in a proverbial squeeze play that threatens the private health delivery system’s demise, and sooner rather than later.

Was this the real intent of President Obama and the Democrats who voted 100% in favor of this law in the dark of night.  I believe that President Obama could well have foreseen this bill as having the ultimate result of nationalized health care.  I believe that the Democrat leaders driving this monster in Congress were complicit, whether by negligence or by intent.  A part of me wants to believe they intended this outcome, but that suggests they were actually smart enough to know what they were doing…and that is a real stretch of one’s imagination if you reflect on the discussions of the day.

Whatever the answer to that question, the Genie is out of the bottle.  The rate increases on the part of the remaining FEW insurers in the ObamaCare business for the coming year are staggering.  The provider choices for consumers are dwindling rapidly.  The perfect storm driving a resulting nationalized health care system is forming quickly, and Hillary Clinton’s victory will all but assure that this will occur, and that it will occur sooner rather than later.

Another four-year presidential term without definitive action to change the direction of this beast we have permitted to be created will almost assure that we emerge from this tunnel of darkness to behold the new reality: national healthcare a la the Veteran’s Administration beast inflicted upon our veterans.

We will be realizing the impact of the eight years of President Obama for many years to come.  If we double down and pick Hillary Clinton as our next president, we will have almost closed the door on privately-run health care in America.  True, Congress has something to say but there comes a point when the reality of a government bail-out of health care providers and institutions may simply be the only solution left to us.  I believe we are very close to the point where the avalanche begins, and a President Hillary Clinton will assure that it happens.

The complexion of the Supreme Court will also be changed if Hillary Clinton becomes our next president, and that co-equal branch of government will become a supporter of nationalized health care with appointments to be made over the course of time.  A Democratic-leaning Supreme Court and a Democrat President will be tough to beat on the issue of nationalized health care.

Remember also the changes President Obama has made to the way in which the President makes things happen through his exaggerated use of Presidential directives.  Do we think a President Hillary Clinton will be shy about pushing that ball further downfield?

We are truly at a critical juncture as a country.  I don’t know if enough people really understand the gravity of the situation and the importance of the coming election.  I pray they do, but only time will tell and by then it could be too late.

We will reap what we sow.

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