Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn’t…

The media has boxed Donald Trump in on his tax returns to the point that he is literally going to be skewered by that very same media no matter what he does.  He is, literally, damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  And the media could not be happier with itself although it doesn’t apply the same techniques to the opposition candidate, that Hillary Clinton person who seems to produce excrement that has no odor if the press were to describe it.  Donald Trump lost a boatload of money and that caused him losses that meant he’d be free of tax obligations for some time.  But, the very idea that he would ‘play’ the tax code just as it is written is something the media seems unable to comprehend, or if it is comprehensible, the media still finds it reprehensible by Trump.

Is there any doubt that Donald Trump would’ve been hauled into a tax court situation if he violated the tax code?  There is no doubt, period!  Were there not doubt, the media would’ve been taking a different tack.  Instead, they now lay blame at his feet for being well into the billions of dollars in his business transactions even though that apparently resulted in big losses for the time in question.  Donald Trump is, literally, going to be damned if he makes money and damned if he doesn’t make money , by the same media.

That same media apparently does not see any evidence of bias in this double-edged position it has taken.  If Donald Trump were a tax cheat, do you think for one minute that his hide wouldn’t already be hanging from a wall in the IRS building?  When he is involved in billion dollar deals, it would not be improbable that he could lose millions and claim those losses legitimately on his corporate and/or personal tax returns depending upon the organization of the companies involved.

It is difficult for one party to have it both ways, but the media has managed so far to have its cake and eat it, too so far as Donald Trump is concerned.  And who, pray tell, does that leave to set the record straight?  Hillary Clinton’s team is not going to call a time out to make sure that Trump is treated properly, nor should it have to do so.  The world of media seems to have coalesced in its mutual position concerning Donald Trump.  It has determined that anything and everything Trump does will be deemed unsuitable of a person thinking he should sit in the Oval office.

The ‘pious pontificators of the press’ have spoken.  Those holier than thou folks who know better than we voters, if we should dare to stray off the plantation, are here to save us from ourselves.  The press has apparently decided it must  assure that anything and everything Trump does will be deemed unsuitable of a person thinking he should sit in the Oval office.  On the other hand, that same media seems to have concluded that anything Hillary has done, or does in real time, will be ignored or spun to be a positive occurrence.

It is almost impossible to reason with anyone, including the press for that matter, that has already made up his, or her, or their collective minds.  That seems to be the point at which we find ourselves in this election season.  Does Donald Trump aggravate the situation to his own detriment?  Yes, he does, all too often.  Does Hillary Clinton receive ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ cards?  Yes, even after she received the original pass from the press over all things from Arkansas and all things bearing the Dept. of State indicia like the unprotected personal e-mail server and multiple handheld devices, etc.  Like the inability to recognize Secret or even Top Secret information.

If this were a fair comparison of the two candidates with warts and all to be exposed and discussed on both sides of the aisle, we could all live with it even when it dinged our favored candidate.  This is not a fair comparison of the two candidates since one of the candidates has already been deemed unsuited for the office of President of the United States of America, not by the voters since there has been no national election yet, but, by the media that can apparently make up its own rules of conduct as it sees fit.  After all, it must protect us poor ignorant voters.

The mainstream media has been in the bag for Hillary Clinton since Donald Trump declared his candidacy.  This is the same mainstream media that claims it is playing without favorites in this race.  In fact, neither of us are as dumb as the mainstream media desires us to be since we’re not buying into its hyperbole.  We are actually quite smart and, for that reason, we are still seeking fair play on the part of the media even though we recognize we probably will not see that happen.  Even then, we can decide for whom we will vote without needing to be coaxed along by the press.

All we have ever wanted is fair treatment, like treatment, of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  So far, that has not occurred.  Donald Trump continues to be damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  And Hillary Clinton skates with the sympathy of the media since she has to do political battle with the likes of Donald Trump.

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