Just Think About This For a Moment…

Hillary Clinton is seemingly always at the center of the spotlight and many times, if not most, that spotlight is showing yet another example of her unworthiness to serve as the highest elected official of our country.  Is it possible for anyone to have had so many ‘brushes’ with legal issues, to not be tainted at the very least or worse?  Might she have never been thought of in the manner she often is had she never personally invited those kinds of thoughts?  If she had been lily white in all things, we’d not be having conversations about this issue and that issue.  Did she skirt this problem, and what about that problem?  If her nose was to have grown like that of Pinnochio she would not be able to walk into a building with revolving doors.

We have never before had a First Lady of the ilk of Hillary Clinton.  You cannot think of one other First Lady who has had the scrapes she has had.  You would be very hard-pressed to think of a Secretary of State who has had the issues she has had.  You could not name another person who made a hundred thousand dollars playing cattle futures for the first time in her life…and in some three weeks with a $10,000 investment.  The list goes on and on and on…

We have, to my knowledge, never before had a Secretary of State who stood on the tarmac of an airport as coffins were being off-loaded telling the widows this was caused by some creep in California when she knew full well that she had been the cause whether direct or indirect when she refused to adequately protect the consulate in Benghazi.

Hillary’s emails are but one of the problems…one of many problems.  Hillary’s single greatest problem is that she is a liar, and she is a very smooth and accomplished liar.  That kind of ‘skill’ is only developed with much practice.  Imagine she and Mr. Netanyahu in the Oval office.  He will have a whole new feeling of being dissed, even after what he has endured with our current President, who ought to be ashamed of himself for those most unpresidential antics.

Hillary and Bill Clinton come as a pair; they always have and they always will.  She has forgiven him more times than we’ll ever know and that is wonderful if that forgiveness comes from the heart.  If, however, forgiveness is simply a device to move from one problem to the next knowing neither will ever be held to account, then forgiveness is just another fiction in lives of fiction.

There can be virtually no honest doubt that ‘pay for play’ is the underlying premise of the Clinton Foundation. PERIOD!  Last time I looked, that was illegal.

ObamaCare will appear like a gnat on the screen door by the time Hillary leaves office if she is elected, and Obamacare is the abomination I and others predicted long ago.  I was only a lowly health insurance and HMO guy, but I knew enough to know that ObamaCare was going to crash and burn hurting a lot of very hopeful folks in the process. There are certain realities that even a President can’t make go away.  Even with all our money!

One of the things that our wise forefathers did was to limit Presidents to a maximum of two four-year terms.  That wisdom will be ground into the dirt if Hillary Clinton succeeds President Obama.  That will mean that our country will be under ultra-liberal control for a total of eighteen years in one stretch.  The Supreme Court will be lost to us conservatives for at least a lifetime and probably two lifetimes or more.  Conservative ideas will be forgotten and only found in history tomes if those ideas have not been officially banned by our  government.

This election is the most critical we will face during my lifetime.  The election of Hillary Clinton will change the face of the U.S. Supreme Court for decades to come.  She will take office with a majority in both houses of Congress if her skirt tails are strong enough and many people vote straight tickets…and have already cast their ballots.  Democrats love early ballots because they lock up votes that might’ve been changed had another month passed.

Frankly, Donald Trump, maverick though he is, would be a significantly better President since he doesn’t bring a lot of earlier political baggage with him.  He sounds a bit rough around the edges but that may well be exactly what we need on the world stage at this time.  Mr. Trump is a bright guy.  He is given to a bit of puffery, but that is significantly better than what we get if we put another Clinton into the White House.  Trump will learn the ropes very quickly.  He has a proven record as a tough negotiator and we sure could use that after the last eight years.

Finally, Donald Trump will keep Congress honest; he and the Republicans will get things accomplished even though there might be gnashing of teeth once in awhile.  The Democrat leaders will find themselves in a different world since Trump does not come into the Oval office having served in Congress.  The Republicans might well find themselves in a different world given the friction some in that party have caused during this high political season.

It is frankly, as I heard the phrase this morning, time to Drain the Swamp.   If we fail to elect Donald Trump this time, we will be walking in the political desert for many years to come.  And, we will not like what we see developing especially since we’ll have no control over its development.  This is the single most important election of my lifetime, and of your lifetimes, as well, whether you see that or not.

Just When She Thought It Was Safe…

Hillary Clinton is either the unluckiest person in America or among the least honest persons in America…or maybe she is a mix of both.  FBI Director James Comey has laid her campaign wide open with the revelations of yet more damning e-mail activity following the FBI’s continuing investigation of yet another disgraced Democrat by the name of Anthony Weiner, a former congressman ( and closet ‘sexter’) and the husband of Huma Abedin who is probably the non-related person closest to Hillary Clinton.

As one would expect, Team Hillary is trying its very best to lay to waste the FBI Director personally and, by that any credence this latest revelation might contain.  Of course, none of this is Hillary’s fault since it was the nasty Russians that provided all the e-mail contraband in the first place…or so they claim.  But this was found on a laptop by the FBI and didn’t originate with the Russians.  And, as was to be expected, Team Hillary and all its surrogates are also doing their very best to make the FBI Director out to be an idiot and to ‘pooh-pooh’ this latest episode.

Is FBI Director Comey the blithering idiot Team Hillary would have us all believe?  Or is he a capable FBI Director and patriot who knows that this is a point at which he can no longer excuse Hillary Clinton’s violations?  I would think he is the latter rather than the former.  He couldn’t possibly have risen to the top of the Federal Bureau of Investigation if he were the political fool/tool he is being portrayed as by some in the Democratic Party.  He knows he is flying into hurricane force political winds.  The Attorney General, his boss, had a cozy confab with Bill Clinton aboard an aircraft parked on the tarmac in Arizona if you’ll recall.  Some felt that was where the actual decision not-to-charge was made.  We’ll probably never know the answer but that little visit “about family members” was just a bit difficult to believe.

I cannot imagine the anguish which Director Comey must have endured when this discovery was made known to him by those in the FBI doing the investigating of Weiner.  He has been in the highly political world of the FBI for a career, and he knew what he’d be unleashing if he mentioned the find on the Weiner laptop.  But he also knew that it was critical and that he’d be derelict in his duty if he failed to disclose the findings.  He chose the course of honesty and didn’t give another second’s thought to what this might do to his career and to his reputation.

Comey also knows what Top Secret means, even if Hillary does not, and he has taken an oath to protect our country and such documents.  This revelation is not about some chintzy little e-mail discussing a possible date to have coffee.  This has to be about something BIG or it wouldn’t have been disclosed this close to an election of this magnitude.

If you were to make me choose between Hillary Clinton and James Comey based on the perceived trustworthiness of the two, it would be a slam-dunk instantaneous response favoring Comey.  The baggage being dragged along by the entire Clinton family is just too heavy and too visible to be ignored.  The majority of you, I suspect, even without regard to political persuasion, would agree instantly.  The family is what it is.

The question now is just where this goes and how quickly it moves.  Obviously, the congressional Democrats will do their utmost to derail, or at least delay, this issue.  The willingness of the mainstream media to permit that obfuscation will be tested.  You and I will learn a lot about all the players in this process.  Is the media really as objective as it claims it is?  Where will current President Barack Obama land, as if there is much doubt since he has already indicated he’ll be on the campaign trail helping Hillary?  Will Comey be able to withstand the gale-force political winds he’ll be facing?

Is this going to show that early voting can be detrimental since Hillary’s team has been pushing that forcefully for months?  Who amongst the Democrats will shuck the usual blinders and rise to the occasion IF this e-mail is found to be as damning as we have to believe it to be to have forced Comey to make his decision?

Will Donald Trump be able to rise above the obvious gift of this potential scandal and assume the cloak of wisdom and measured speech we want in our President?  Will President Obama find himself having to voice an opinion on the matter?  If so, will he stand with his FBI Director or will he pummel him along with the mainstream media and continue to push for Hillary’s election as the next President of the United States of America?

Will Democrats in Congress find some technicalities or whine loudly and long enough to keep this in the wings until after the election?  Will this be just another of the unbelievable escapes performed by a member of the Clinton family?

Will we coin her “Hillary Houdini”, not to denigrate the famous Harry Houdini who was legendary for his escapes from things thought to be inescapable?  With this family and this President, anything is possible.  The outcome may well be a significant, although sordid, chapter in the history of this republic.

Back to the Future Bitter Clingers?

If you are among those branded as bitter clingers by Barack Obama as he ran for his first term, you probably still remember the quote:

“It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”.  Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton is a prize pupil of the current President; in fact, she may have well served as a role model for him in his early campaign days as he worked to find his footing as a politician.  I have not heard Hillary utter these exact words, but I do believe she shares the opinion represented by these remarks.  She is, after all, a very staunch liberal politician virtually all of whom see the world through a distorted prism.  They apparently simply cannot understand a person who might value their constitutional right to keep and bear arms AND to worship God in their churches of choice regularly.  We are somehow similar in their minds to those poor wretches in the old circus side shows they made fun of in their earlier years.

We are at a very important juncture in our country’s history.  With this vote for President, we will determine the future of the United States of America.  Another eight years of the same old, same old will have taken us so far in what I believe is the wrong direction as to find it nearly, or fully, impossible to correct.

It is difficult for me to believe that a majority of the people in our country prefer the world as seen by this current crop of liberal politicians.  It is also possible that a majority of people simply do not give much thought to politics being too busy with life to worry about anything other than a better job, or a new vehicle or a new suit or dress.  Maybe I am simply an anachronism, having grown to the point of being too old-fashioned in my belief system.

I am very concerned for my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren for they will be the ones who reap the results over their lifetimes.  It is with their images in my mind’s eye that I’ll cast my ballot very soon.  It is with their images in my mind’s eye that I’ll pray for the result I believe is necessary to keep our country free and strong and not having to fear any other country on the globe.  I will be prayerful and hopeful that we will be that beacon of freedom that others envy in this world.

We have created quite a mess of our country.  Of course, what would one expect of a bunch of “bitter clingers” clutching their Bibles and their guns?  We who were not the beneficiaries of Ivy League educations; we who weren’t in the early liberal movements that celebrated the Lenins of the world, who simply went about creating a life with those we loved and our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and who loved our Bibles and our God.

There is, and has been, a movement that is dedicated to eliminating the things we believe are important.  That movement has spawned the likes of Barack Obama and his Chicago-land friends who wrote early treatises on the subject of governmental overthrow.  It is those who have deemed us “bitter clingers”.  It is those who, following the pathways they thoughtfully created and espoused, are changing this country exactly as they forewarned us they would.  Yet we “bitter clingers” are at fault in their way of thinking.  Apparently, we are at fault for making their idea of what this country ought to be more difficult for them to fully realize.

There has been much conjecture concerning Donald Trump becoming our President and of what he would do while in that office.  He would not destroy the very fabric of this country. He would not be working his plan to forever change our country as have been others.  Mr. Trump has some rough edges, but those rough edges are nothing compared to the devious plans the other side has for our country.  Donald Trump is true to his word in that he wants to “make America great again”. That phrase sends us the message that he, Donald Trump, has recognized what this country is headed toward if changes are not made.

Donald Trump is not the smooth-talking elitist we have become accustomed to in our current White House.  Donald Trump has, thankfully, some rough edges about him that help us to understand that he is simply a human being who is flawed as we are all flawed.  We know virtually everything there is to know about Donald Trump; there is nothing hidden from view as is the case with Hillary Clinton.

And probably the best news is this: Donald Trump does not see himself as the ‘second coming’.  He knows who and what he is and he has made every effort to tell us who and what he is so that we’ll know what we’re getting if he wins.  He is not wearing the protective veil that Hillary Clinton has to wear.  Donald Trump has not tried to erase his server of incriminating evidence.  Donald Trump has not tried to become someone whom he isn’t simply to attract votes.

If anything, the warts that Donald Trump carries along with him ought to make us want more than ever to have him as our next President.  He isn’t perfect and neither are we.  We know that Hillary Clinton is far from perfect but she can’t bring herself to admit that to us or to herself.

And that is the really scary thing about Hillary Clinton. If she is herself, she knows she will lose because we are discerning enough to know the difference between good and not-so-good (and that last phrase is too kind to her by at least half).

All us ‘bitter clingers’ better get to the polls and we’d better vote for the person we know rather than the person who is camouflaged in order to make us think she is great.

We ‘bitter clingers’ are not stupid, are we?  Well, we were once but maybe we’ve learned a hard lesson these past nearly eight years.


An Insidious Bias?

‘Insidious’ is defined as: “proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects.”  The insidious bias to which I refer is that which pervades the bulk of our published media, and to the broadcast media in large part with the exception of a handful of outlets, a very small handful.  I am reminded of this insidious approach when I read virtually any print media product with the exception of the few which honestly and correctly bill their product(s) as ‘conservative’.  In other words there are a few outlets that describe themselves as conservative and which live up to that billing.  There are more that think of themselves and their product as conservative which simply are not what they think they are.  They may really believe it, but those of us who are conservative perceive the difference with little or no difficulty.

Those of us who recognize the bias are able to read or listen to and watch any number of outlets and their printed and televised products without being victimized; we may want to retch but we are not victimized.  That is the case because we do not go into the process with any false ideas of fairness.  Many on the other side of this argument will accuse me of a preconceived notion that cannot be overcome with facts.  They are the victims of their own failure to accept the realities that exist simply because they choose to not see or hear anything that interferes with their long-held opinions.  I was not born conservative; I lived and learned to be a conservative by observation and careful thought and conversations.  It took me quite a while, too.

You almost need to be conservative to see the bias.  Likely that may well be the case with people of one race who profess racism while others are simply unable to conceive of why they feel the way they feel.  It is almost as problematic as someone asking you when you stopped beating your husband or wife.  Your denial convicts you in their mind no matter if you are guilty or innocent.

I suspect that the majority of media outlets, liberal as they are, actually think of themselves as staying right in the middle of the road, simply telling it like it is.  They pooh-pooh those of us who have the temerity to make such accusations as simply not knowing anything about the subject, maybe because we are not members of their ‘august’ society as purveyors of the news.  Those who have occupied these pious seats as fonts of knowledge of precisely what is worth being printed, are jealous protectors of their positions and are not terribly gracious with anyone who isn’t bright enough to comprehend why they, the purveyors, are right.

So there! 

That is what you and I are up against if we are truly conservatives, rather than simply being conservatives for public consumption only.  I have known that I was in the minority for a long time; I can tell in relatively short order those who are, versus those who are not, conservative.  I confess that I have been fooled but not very often.  And, it was usually a politician that attempted to fool me rather than an acquaintance.

I am a ‘news junkie’ and the bulk of news outlets are “liberal bastions of truth”.  In other words, they are not conservative.  That is one of the problems, for example, with USA Today gobbling up a bunch of relatively local news organizations.  The few that might’ve had even a slight conservative slant will rapidly be excised of that ‘cancer’.

It is, by the way, relatively easy to sort the news outlets during this high political season. They simply cannot overcome their liberal bias.  True conservative politicians are not likely to get ‘fair and balanced’ treatment in those papers.  The editorials are particularly damning, for those editors who are liberal cannot camouflage their true feelings no matter how hard they might try.  They know they’re being read by their peer group and they cannot afford to even lean toward the right side of an argument or a position lest they find they’ve been banished from that group.

So, back to the premise if there was one:  liberalism is insidious.  We must be constantly on guard and we must be very discerning in what we accept as unbiased fact.  Frankly, it is probably safer to think of all media as tainted and then gradually find an outlet or two upon which you can rely.  In the meantime, stay skeptical and discerning.  Mingle with other conservatives and share knowledge.  Raise issues that are troubling and see how the other person, or other people if you are fortunate enough to have several conservative ‘go to’ acquaintances, respond.

There are degrees of conservatism, so don’t think that every conservative is all the way to the finish line if there is such a line, but recognize they may be learning as much from you as you learn from them.  At the very least, you can take comfort in knowing they’ll not report you to the local ‘thought police’ (I know there aren’t any ‘thought police’ but this seemed the right way to end just in case I’m wrong about that ‘thought police’ thing.)

If you think you might be conservative, you are on the right track.  Stay the course!

Crude or Corrupt?

Jay Weber of WISN 1130 radio in Milwaukee has framed the coming election quite well with two words:  are you going to go for ‘crude’ or are you going to go for ‘corrupt’?  These two words, sadly and aptly, define the choice we have in the presidential race this time around.

Hillary Clinton, and all her cronies such as Democratic Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, have defined what their intent is if she takes the White House.  They will load the U.S. Supreme Court with liberals and we’ll pay that price for decades.  This is their reality, and they have clearly broadcast their playbook.  If that is your idea of the wonderful future of America, then I guess you’ll tune this out.  If that scares the bejeebers out of you, then you have your work cut out for you.

We have talked on and on about the less than splendid choice we, as Republicans and more importantly, as conservatives have in the coming election.  But this frames the issue in a very vivid and frightening manner.  We literally are voting to save the country as we know it.  PERIOD.

Eight more years of deeper liberal entrenchment following the past eight years with Barack Obama at the helm will assure that our country will fast become a very dimly lit version of the country it used to be to those looking at us.  There will be changes in the U.S. Supreme Court almost assuredly in those next eight years, and we know what those changes will bring.  We already have glimpsed the anarchy that liberals seem to breed. Look at Baltimore.  Look at Barack’s hometown of Chicago, which he and Michelle are not planning to go back to after they leave the White House.

The signposts are there for us if we will but see them and react to them.

Eight more years of liberal work on our country will virtually assure that it will never recover to be what many of us remember.  Our military will be decimated.  Our courts will be as liberal as is possible for a court to be.  Our taxes will be higher and higher to pay for all the ‘goodies’ the government will dish out to its friends.  Our standing in the world will be diminished and that will not be good for the world since we have been a leading proponent of good in this world.

Our grandchildren will have a different country than you and I had, and we will be the ones who are at fault for handing that to them.  How will we ever be able to look them in the eye and explain how we could possibly have been so foolish as to squander what we had?

So, do we simply roll over and make believe it will all be okay, or do we finally rally around our candidate and forget all the whining and wishing it weren’t so.  Our reality is what it is and the sooner we come to understand the alternative which is staring us in the face, the sooner we can get ourselves righted and vote for the person who gives us the best opportunity to sustain this country and grow it in the conservative manner we know is best for it.

We still have that opportunity, but it will fast disappear if we do not put the Republican candidate into the White House.  It is up to us but it requires some heavy lifting.  It requires that we summon the adult in each of us and do the right thing.

Donald Trump needs your vote and my vote.  You and I can help keep this movement alive but we can’t do it sitting in the dark of our home lamenting what might have been!  We have to stay active.  We have to help others understand why we are where we are politically.  We have to help them see what will be the new world if Hillary Clinton is elected President.  It isn’t just Hillary Clinton; it is all the people of her persuasion who are tugging at the ropes that bind them eager to get into that new world.

You and I are the ropes that bind the liberals.  We do that by voting conservative.  We do that by voting Trump.  We have opportunities with Donald Trump in the White House.  We do not have opportunities with Hillary Clinton in the White House.  It is just that simple.

We are at a turning point if Hillary Clinton wins this race.  All signs point to this not being advantageous for us conservatives and for the country we love.  There is still time to rally although early voting has been going on ‘big time’ for some time already.  And, historically early votes are Democrat votes.

It is sad, but the choice is crude or corrupt.  Crude Trumps corrupt.  (Cute, huh?)



Is Bigger Always Better?

There seems to have been a spate of merger announcements of late, and each seems to be a ‘big’ grabbing up a ‘not-quite-so-big’.  That, of course, is the way it works; I cannot recall a merger where the opposite took place.

The latest,but likely not the last, involves AT&T acquiring Time Warner.  I was surprised to see that Time Warner owns HBO, CNN, TNT and obviously, the Warner Bros. studio.  This is an agglomeration that will likely spur even more acquisitions and fewer and fewer entities not joined at the hip.  This will be a mass communications behemoth.

I was born and raised at a time where the local merchants were what I knew as ‘commerce’, and where the big city as I knew it was a place with something in the range of 35,000 people residing in it.  In the past seven decades, there has been a continual race to be the biggest this or the largest that.  For a long time, that seemed innocent enough.  The local clothier was acquired by the larger men’s store in the next city or the grocer sold out to the growing grocery chain.

The simple answer to the title question is this:  No; ‘bigger’ is not always better.  For a long time, ‘bigger’ didn’t seem quite so onerous.  Now, I find myself being concerned about the day when there will be only one of something since it has gobbled up all the others through acquisition or simply driving them from the marketplace by economically forcing them to close their doors.

This latest announcement involves something more concerning than a clothing store chain.  This growing mass communications monolith could become a significant controller of what we are given to consume as news, and as entertainment.  It could become a tool of government through regulation, and that tool could be used by people who were in it for themselves, and not for us consumers of the products and services.  Maybe this is not currently possible with the Internet, but the new AT&T/TimeWarner has tentacles that might just be able to effect control over a lot of our sources of information.  It may be able to control much of what we consume as information and entertainment.

We currently have a President who took great delight in changing our country by Executive Orders.  Congress and the Supremes be damned.  “Stop me if you can.”  This seemed the operative terms from the Oval office.  Do we think this display is going to not occur again with a new President?  We’re fools if we believe that.  The three “equal” branches are not equal if one branch decides to simply ignore the other two, especially if we the people permit that to happen.  We tacitly gave the President more power than our Constitution had intended by allowing him to do these things without the intervention of the other branches, at least so far.

With fewer and fewer commercial organizations controlling more and more of our daily lives, and with these mega-corporations becoming ‘political power’ king-makers, we might be amazed at what changes could be wrought.  That could never happen you say?

Our naivete could be the very tool that makes that happen.  Mass communications is a powerful ‘weapon’ if it is intended for use in that manner.  Walls have been crumbled by mass communication and the resulting power of the people.  Similarly, mass communication has been the driving force behind the confiscation of freedom.  We, as a country, have been favored in that freedom has always been the motivator.  Might it not be possible for something that looks like freedom to prove to have been used to deny us that very thing, maybe gradually, incrementally; but is that not a possibility?

The old adage of the frog in the pot of water that was  heated ever so slowly might have usefulness in our new world.

This conjecture simply reaffirms the importance of the election that will be upon us in the blink of an eye.  We need to be as sure as we can be of the underlying motives of the candidates.  Are they trustworthy?  Do they believe in our freedom?  Can we look to their past and see the proof of their convictions?  Or, are they hungry for the power they see in victory?  Have they managed to make a lot of money being public servants?  Does that square with them being in this for us?

In our world today, everything is inter-related.  Even when it seems too remote, too separated to be related, it can be by extrapolation.

Bigger is not always better!


Third Party Candidates…

Third party candidates have always been a bit of a question for me.  How do they do in the races in which they participate?  Has any third party candidate ever been elected to the presidency?  What impact do they have in elections?

First, there has never been a third party candidate elected to the office of President, and this presidential election will be no different.  Six third party candidates have been elected to statewide offices in our country.  I am sure that lower level races may have more significant numbers of victories by third party candidates.

Third party candidates in national and even statewide races have served essentially two purposes:  they have permitted the exercise of a person’s constitutional right and they have served to create ‘spoiler’ situations where the third party candidate took sufficient votes from one candidate to potentially have permitted another candidate the victory.

There is the temptation to suggest that third party candidates tend to be more spoilers than candidates in earnest.  That may not be fair but it does work in that manner more often than not.  Does a person have the right in our country to enter a race knowing they have no possibility of winning but just for the satisfaction of showing they disapprove of any and all the other candidates?  Absolutely.

Third party candidates or those who favor third party candidates’ rights to act as candidates would dispel the notion these people are simply spoilers, even though properly motivated in most cases.  Are there crackpot  third party candidates?  Absolutely, but not that we typically see in national or even statewide races.  Are the third party candidates in lesser races crackpots?  No, that is not what I am suggesting, but I would suggest that most see this quest as their right to tilt at windmills.  And that is their right, thankfully, in this country.

We will have four options on our ballots for the office of President of the United States this fall.   The Democrat, the Republican, the Green party, and the Libertarian party candidates. In order, those are Hillary Clinton (D), Donald Trump (R), Jill Stein (G) and Gary Johnson (L).  I suspect there will be more votes cast for the ‘lesser of evils’, however we make that determination individually, this year.  Will the Libertarian and Green party candidates have some impact on the Republican and the Democrat candidates?  Will that impact center on one of the two major party candidates?  Possibly, but we’ll never know the real answer.

Should we consider some kind of change to the rules to limit third party candidates in national races?  That would fly in the face of our Constitution.  Should we as voters give some additional thought to that candidate for whom we will cast a ballot?  Yes, we are exercising a very important right when we vote.  A ballot should not be cast for a person simply to deny another person that vote.  A ‘spoiler’ vote does speak to the apparent quality of the other candidate or candidates, but that is a terrible way to rationalize our vote.

We have a very significant choice to make this fall.  We know that the victor will be either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  I also know, in my heart of hearts, what the likely governance of a President Hillary Clinton would be like.  We know that the next President will set the tone of the United States Supreme Court for decades to come presuming the Congress honors his or her appointments.  We know that our vote will be impacting our children, their children, and their childrens’ children for decades to come.

Throwing a vote away, which is the essence of voting for one of the lesser likely winners, is simply not something any of us adults ought to consider.  If we cast our vote as an objection to one or both of the top two rather than as a positive vote for the one we want to win from those two, one of whom will be the most likely victors, we are casting our vote for a person we know will not win.  We are pouting as we vote, and that is not a good way to view an election nor the selection of candidates.  We might think an alternative is simply to sit out this election.  That certainly is an option but that is not a good option.  If you want Hillary Clinton as your next President, deciding to not vote is essentially giving a vote to Donald Trump.  Deciding to vote Green or Libertarian, if you are a Democrat is the equivalent of a vote for Trump.

If you want Donald Trump as your next President, deciding to not vote is essentially giving a vote to Hillary Clinton, and so on.

Finally, you have to vote what your heart and your mind dictate.  We cannot, in my less-than-humble opinion afford another Clinton as President, even if this would be the first female president; we especially cannot afford this Clinton as the next President.  Try to picture your loved ones of younger ages in your mind’s eye as you pull the curtain closed or step into the voting booth and prepare to mark a ballot.

The next President of the United States will be making decisions that will impact this country throughout the lives of even your youngest children and of your grandchildren. This vote may well be the biggest thing you’ll ever do to influence their lives favorably, other than for your participation in their creation and their birth, whether direct or indirect.

I know this is the most important vote I will have cast for a President since I began to vote more than fifty years ago.