USA Today Has Saved Me The Trouble, Except…

I don’t know about you, but I am greatly relieved this morning (not).  The USA Today has told me how to vote in the coming presidential election.  I am supposed to listen to this bastion of journalism and vote for Hillary Clinton.  And the USA Today is not alone; more and more entities that deem themselves wiser than me are telling me to ‘dump Trump’.  This is the same USA Today organization that now owns the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which I confess I still read.  That newspaper had already become a shell of its former self, which wasn’t much to write home about, to begin with, and I am now supposed to lap up the wisdom brought to me daily by USA Today.  I need to rid myself of this tactile need to touch something that makes my hands dirty each morning.  I guess I could snuggle up with a piece of carbon paper (I am showing my age again) and simply watch television.

I am immediately suspicious of any group or entity that professes to openly tell me what I should think and what I should do in the polling place.  I believe I am capable of making my own decisions, at least for now anyway, and I resent the implication that I’m simply too dimwitted to be able to handle that responsibility properly.

Were this my first presidential election, and were I not at all comfortable with the world of politics, I might fall victim to this siren’s song and vote as the USA Today urges.  It is not my first shot at electing a President, I do not have difficulty in deciding for myself for whom I’ll vote, and I wouldn’t be likely to take the advice of this organization even if I felt incapable.

With that sliver removed from beneath my fingernail, maybe we can continue.

I have difficulty with those who seem easily able to forget the history of Bill and Hillary Clinton, assuming they were around to have seen that history lesson as it unfolded live and in color.  The idea that the substantial baggage that is dragged along behind these two people can simply be ignored because of Donald Trump is mind-boggling.  That seems what people encourage me to do, though.  The argument usually begins with “I know there are issues that you have to get beyond with the Clintons, but…this Trump guy is dangerous.  You can’t possibly be serious about voting for him.”

This phrase is possibly going to grate on you, but Donald Trump is easily the significantly lesser of evils.  He is almost angelic in comparison to Bill and Hillary Clinton and now Chelsea, who has learned the ‘ride the gravy train’ mantra very well with her cushy Clinton Foundation gig.  A Foundation that merits investigation, by the way, but the FBI, seemingly suddenly unable to deal with anything remotely pointing to a Clinton, appears happy to let that pass as well as all the other things it has let pass so that Hillary can claim her rightful position as the first female and second Clinton family President.

If all this were not so serious, it would make a great sitcom.  Although, even sitcoms have to have some level of believability, so it probably wouldn’t make the grade.

This may prove to have been the most important presidential election certainly in our lifetimes.  There are three or four new Supreme Court justices that will likely be chosen during the next eight years, for example.  Where are the Ronald Reagans when you especially need them?  Donald Trump is obviously not a Ronald Reagan but he is significantly superior to Hillary Clinton, even with the ‘tough business guy’ warts he brings to the party.  The idea that we are supposed to simply neglect/forget all the Clinton baggage, both old (read Rose Law firm records, cattle futures, bimbo eruptions) and new (read Benghazi and e-mail server, etc.) and make her the first female President is ludicrous.

So, the USA Today wasted its effort on me, and I hope hundreds of thousands of others, with its urging support for Hillary Clinton.  And, by the way, there are a lot of other self-imagined thought leaders of some importance who are rapidly losing their impact on me as they, too, choose Hillary.  If they cannot reason through a Hillary versus a Donald, I can’t be bothered with their recommendations as to whom and what I should support. Nor will they hold my attention at any time in the future.



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