How The “Game” of Politics Is Played…

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), the U.S. Senate Minority Leader shows us just how the political “game” is played by an action he has mimicked over and over again during his ‘career’.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is being challenged for his seat by former Senator Russ Feingold, a Democrat whom Johnson defeated, and has all he can handle to retain that seat this Fall.  Feingold has made a living elsewhere since he was unseated by Johnson nearly six years ago as he waited for the opportunity to go after that seat again.

This version of the political “game” involves a bill that Sen. Johnson championed which quite simply would’ve permitted terminally ill patients to choose to receive experimental drugs, not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), if they desired in their fight for life; it was nicknamed the ‘Right to Try’ bill.  Beyond all the bulls—, the truth of this matter is quite simple:  Sen. Reid (D) wanted to deny Sen. Johnson (R) this victory on the floor of the Senate simply because he didn’t want Johnson to have anything about which to brag as an accomplishment in his race against Feingold (D).

This is, unfortunately, too often how the “game” is played.  Sen. Reid hides behind whatever smoke screen he chooses to use as his ‘defense’ for this action, but the real reason is blatantly clear…Sen. Reid is essentially saying to the terminally ill who would’ve seized this opportunity, “tough crap!”  Reid, of course, uses this or that excuse, but the truth of this matter is simple: Reid doesn’t care about anything or anyone except politics and his political buddies.  I have to say one thing about Sen.Reid: he is consistent.  His practice of politics has always had this taint to it and he has been re-elected over and again, so one must assume his constituents approve of this kind of activity thus they, too, are guilty by association.  So be it.

The political arena has become more and more a simple game of ‘gotcha’.  Scant attention is paid to the truth especially at higher levels of competition as we’re witnessing in the current Presidential race.  This too often tarnishes people in a ‘guilt by association’ manner even though they may be as pure as the driven snow, or at least innocent of some charges.

We voters stand as part of the accused in this guilt by association arena IF we do nothing about the manner in which the game is played.  We obviously are unable to do anything about the voters in Nevada, but we certainly can do something about elections in Wisconsin in this case, or wherever it is that we live and vote in this country.  If we do nothing, we are as guilty as Sen. Reid.  We might condone Reid’s actions but that will come back to bite us if we do since those actions will be mimicked and we’ll eventually be on the losing end of some battle that was near and dear to us.  If we permit this to be reduced to a Democrat vs. Republican kind of thing and pass it off as merely part of politics, we are as guilty as Sen. Reid is/was.

So, what should ‘candidate’ Feingold do in this situation?  He should take the high road and admit this is a common tactic especially for Sen. Reid and decry the use of such tactics, and he should pledge to avoid them if he is re-elected after this six-year hiatus.  It looks as though he could do that and probably improve his position although he is running a very tight race as it is.  Will he do that?  I doubt seriously that Russ Feingold will have anything to say about this and, if he does, it will probably be something along the lines of “everybody uses these tactics in Washington” since he can ill-afford to go up against the Senate Minority Leader as a senator much less as a mere candidate.

Back to the terminally ill people who have been denied this opportunity for hope.  Who will they have to defend their interests against such tactics?  It certainly will not be on Sen.Reid’s agenda.  If he is defeated, Sen. Johnson will not have lived politically to fight another day.  If Feingold is re-elected after being forced to sit out for a term, will he step up to the plate with some kind of bill that will at least acknowledge the politically shoddy and deceptive parliamentary dodge that may be the reason he is again going to Washington?  Don’t hold your breath.  So long as there is a Minority Leader Reid willing to engage in such crummy tactics, this tactic will go on.  This is what gives politics, at least at this level, such a foul reputation.

Remember that this same Senator Reid voted for ObamaCare along with all his Democrat cronies.  Remember that a Sen. Feingold had he been there at the time, would’ve also cast his vote for ObamaCare since all Democrats were strongly urged to vote in that manner in the middle of the night when the vast majority of we voters were asleep.  Remember that there was not a single Republican vote cast for that bill.  Remember that ObamaCare is in a death spiral that may end in its crashing and burning.

Maybe it is best if we let former Senator Feingold continue to enjoy his retirement from the Senate.

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