Is Hillary Receiving Special Treatment?

A very simple question:  Is Hillary Clinton receiving special treatment in terms of the inquiries theoretically being conducted or already having been conducted on various aspects of her conduct?

That ‘special treatment’ can come, of course, from different quarters.  The mainstream media certainly can accord a favorite person kid-glove handling.  Lester Holt would seem to bear out that possibility given his performance, or lack of same, during the first debate between Hillary and Donald Trump.  He did seemingly everything he could to avoid placing Hillary in a compromising position with his questions, as well as by his favorite target for ‘fact checking’ having been Donald Trump.

Federal law enforcement agencies can also provide favored people with special benefits such as totally ignoring potential criminal conduct.  The FBI comes to mind as does the lack of a real federal investigation and real prosecution of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail escapade.  It is difficult to conceive of any more favored handling of a potentially bad situation, than the handling of Hillary’s e-mail issues.  The Clinton Foundation also ought to present a ripe target of opportunity for discovery but that is obviously not going to occur. ‘Power for sale’ is only a target if it involves Republicans.  This is ‘pay for play’ personified.

Congress can certainly play a role in such favored treatment.  Witness the Benghazi cover-up/refusal to prosecute at the congressional level.  The outright abandonment of the people in the U.S. diplomatic offices in Benghazi as it was brought under attack, and the fact that earlier repeated requests for increased protection by the chief diplomatic officer in that location were repeatedly ignored and never featured on page 1 of any newspaper.  The Republican attempts to bring these actions to public attention were drowned out by partisan shouting in Congress and by the lack of press interest given that this would be damaging to the prospective Democratic candidate for President.  The Republicans were ridiculed for even entertaining the thought of investigations with teeth.

It is increasingly more difficult to avoid coming to the conclusion that in Hillary Clinton’s case, the FIX is in!  The President will have nothing to do with this since she was his appointee as Secretary of State.  Congress will not be permitted any sincere and sustained involvement by the Democrats who specialize in tarring and feathering anything threatening to their position.  And, most obviously, there will be no sustained effort to learn the truth by the press.  They took their feeble shots across the bow and then backed off as we expected they would.  If Donald Trump tries to bring this case back before the public, he will be drowned out by the hue and cry of  the press, and will be skewered as having given up any rightful role to serve as President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton brings a virtual lifetime of deceit, lies, questionable conduct, quick money through cattle future investments about which she knew nothing, actual dead bodies that we seem to have lost track of, the Rose Law Firm documents, a philandering husband who just happened to be that while he sat in the Oval office himself as well as having left a trail of used females behind in Arkansas.

The Clinton family is Teflon-coated.  Nothing sticks.  No one bothers to raise these old questions because they’d be ridiculed into submission.  Hillary’s health is passed off as a non-issue.  Bill apparently works the deal for no legal punishment by strolling aboard an aircraft in Phoenix and speaking with the Attorney General (but only about the family, of course).

And yet, the press is only interested in what it might be able to develop about Donald Trump’s dealings that can be used to further damage him as a candidate.  There is a total absence of any investigation of Hillary Clinton, and there is seeming absolutely zero likelihood there will be any investigation.  The woman passes out and the press regrets it even has to mention this.  I presume a hangnail on Donald Trump’s finger would conjure up all kinds of potential maladies that might follow such a happening.

That the press sees no favoritism by it in the whole scenario is ludicrous, and speaks to the bias that clearly exists and which clearly drives the reporting.  Back to the title:  Is Hillary Receiving Special Treatment?


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