Apparently, the Political Professionals Have Already Decided…Since We’re Too Simple…

We simple voters are to be protected from ourselves, and this time around that is apparently much more important than ever before.  Donald Trump is a candidate and the political pros simply cannot bring themselves to accept that we voters might just decide we prefer him over Hillary Clinton and all that she represents.

We simple voters get too hung up on the history of Hillary and Bill Clinton after all.  We are supposed to have rolled over and permitted ourselves to be the walking path for Hillary’s victory.  They’re just simple country folks from Arkansas who only have our best interests at heart.

We simple voters are supposed to have concluded that the Justice Department certainly would not be playing to a political favorite by ignoring facts galore, at least as we see those ‘facts’.  Bill Clinton’s innocent visit aboard the aircraft in Arizona was just that, an innocent visit to talk about grandkids and other family stuff.  Except this ‘family’ stuff might be closer to La Cosa Nostra family stuff truth be told.

Now we simple voters are being prepped for the ‘debates’.  Even if Donald Trump scores some points, we can’t possibly let that influence the outcome of the election.  After all, elections are there to be won and sometimes it takes more than simple votes to win an election.  Sometimes it takes a party.  Sometimes it takes a machine.

By now, we simple voters should’ve had time enough to see plainly that this is Hillary’s time.  She is obviously the person who has toiled faithfully.  She has waited for her turn to sit in the Oval office.  She has suffered untold pain and suffering during her wait.  She has lived through that nasty thing where lives were lost as she and others in the current Administration dithered and made up stories to cover the rationale for the Embassy being overrun.

We simple voters threaten to get in the way of destiny.  Just who do we think we are?  The very idea that we could be thinking seriously of voting for a person who has never run for office in his life, a person who hasn’t paid his dues, as if it were our right, is foreign.  This shows just how simple some voters can be; simple enough to believe that this is a democracy and that we voters will decide whom we wish as our leader.

We simple voters might just be tired of doing what the political machine tells us is the smart play.  The last smart play has cost us dearly over the past eight years, and now we’re being served up another prospective smart play?

It has to be almost unbearable to be the smartest person in the country and to have all we dunderheads so simple we have difficulty tying our shoelaces.  Maybe we really are simple.

Maybe we simply desire honesty rather than obfuscation.  Maybe we’d prefer a guy who is a little more down to earth.  This current ethereal presidency has gotten a bit tiresome, and to think the powers that be have already ordained who is to follow is just too difficult to swallow without a lot of chewing.

Maybe we simple voters just need to be left to our own rewards, good or not-so-good and vote our hearts.  We seem a bit tired of the mind games we’ve endured for these past eight years.  I have been looked down upon way too often as a conservative in these past eight years.  What has befallen us is not my fault as a conservative.  I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I do know that I don’t need to continue hitting my thumb with a hammer in order to have pain enough to take my mind off whom I should vote for this time around.

The liberals have had their turn and it didn’t work so very well from my perspective.  The very idea that I can solve my personal political issues by voting for Hillary Clinton simply does not fly.  Frankly, I am not at all sure we, as a country, can survive another eight years of liberal rule; and, Hillary would bring just that since she knows no other tricks.

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