Political Conspiracy Theories?

There seems an abundance of theories floating on the Internet that relates to what might happen if Donald  Trump actually won the coming national election (perish the thought from these theorists’ points of view).  Most of them seem to concern President Barack Obama simply refusing to leave office with him invoking some kind of privilege that would actually permit that to occur based on Trump’s inability to govern properly based on the opinion of the current President.  These hypothetical statements are typically shown with a frowning President Obama pictured.

An apparent Army Field Manual, FM3-39.40, is referenced as the enabling doctrine and is discussed as the type of intervention made in foreign countries by our military where stability of leadership is requisite.

This hypothesis requires quite a leap of faith to reach from where we are ruled by laws to where we would be ruled essentially by a dictator who would control our country for our own good, of course.  Somehow Congress is forgotten in these hypothetical positions as are other protections that would likely be invoked before such a thing happens.

We are a country ruled by law.  We have prescribed methods for determining our leaders and those involve polling booths and voters and very public counting of ballots, etc., etc.

Yet, I imagine there are people who think this could really occur in America, and who see this threat as being just beyond the horizon.  There is the Internet that is capable of feeding this theoretical movement, and there are some who would be very happy if President Obama were to refuse occupancy of the White House to a ‘President’ Trump.  I can even think of a handful of members of the House and maybe even the Senate who might be willing to get behind such a movement if they saw it as the birth of another type of civil rights movement.

Yes, liberals have their own “wing nuts” just as do we conservatives.

I have difficulty in finding the root reasoning behind these theories, and just what it is that people espousing this stuff think they’d be gaining if such an event were to occur, other than for a continuation of the term of Barack Obama while the country would apparently then have time to come to its collective sense and realize that it should’ve elected Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump.

This shows us just how important our system of determining our leaders is and why we have such strict controls over votes cast and counted.  It shows why proper identification is required of voters who desire to cast their ballots.  It shows us there is a fringe element that can concoct almost anything given enough time.

It should remind us of our absolute responsibility to cast our personal ballot in each and every election, both the really big deal elections and the not-so-big deal elections.  It should remind us of the need to think for ourselves and not just subscribe to every cockamamie thought from a wing nut, no matter the politics of that wing nut.

We need to reflect on the simple fact that eight years is long enough for any one person to occupy the Oval Office, no matter his or her politics.  It isn’t fair to us or to the person in that office for a longer period.  We see how those office holders age; we see the pressure that exists whether we agree with the person or disagree with the person in the office.

No, we don’t need for President Obama, or any other President, to arbitrarily decide that the winner can’t be trusted to govern.  ‘We The People’ have made our decision and that decision stands whether or not we as individuals agree with it.  And, we need to remember that individuals at every level of government and our military have sworn to uphold the Constitution.

These fantasies have no place in our country…Internet or no Internet.  All this having been said, remember just how important your individual vote is in our country.

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