The First Debate Promises…

This coming Monday evening we will be treated to the first debate between the two major candidates for President of the United States, and that will be hosted/moderated by Lester Holt.  Hillary Clinton has been working on her approach and cramming on all the possible topics, while Donald Trump says he’ll just appear and be himself.  I suspect that Mr. Trump has been doing a little more than just getting ready to ‘appear’; at least I hope he has been taking this seriously.  The first debate promises to be very, very interesting and I’ll be glued to the screen.

Rather than just the two contenders, there are the two contenders and a press professional who is equally as concerned with his performance as are the two candidates.  In fact, Holt does not get a re-do as each candidate might be able to effect if he or she stumbles over an issue or two.  Holt is in the spotlight and he has to deliver.  I have no idea of Lester Holt’s political leanings but I am sure he has political leanings.  It would seem, to me at least, to be impossible for a person who has hung out at the upper levels of politics and who has survived this long not to have political opinions/leanings.

If he were asked, Lester Holt would tell us he has no idea for whom he’ll vote, and that whatever his political leanings might be those will not enter into the debate management nor the questions and follow-ups he’ll be dishing out.  Neither candidate would believe that but neither will likely defame Mr. Holt; at least not before the debate has run its course.  Although with Donald Trump on the stage we might need to avoid a rush to judgement in this regard.

Hillary Clinton is not my choice, just to be clear about where I stand if that is of interest to you.  I will be on the proverbial ‘pins and needles’ as I watch Donald Trump perform…and that is what we’ll be watching, two performances…actually three performances including Lester Holt.  Hillary will be expected to have her ‘stuff’ together.  She has been at this game for a long, long time and she has been a direct observer for a long, long time given her husband’s political career.

She has been the Secretary of State and has hobnobbed with the leaders of the world in that role as well as her role as First Lady.  She will be expected to be error-free and she may well emerge without having committed any errors.  She has some extensive personal and political baggage, as well, and that may prove to be problematic for her in the course of the debate.

Donald Trump will be expected to have his ‘stuff’ together but people will be on the edge of their seats waiting for the gaffes.  He has not been doing this ‘political thing’ for long at all.  He might be given a couple of passes for errors committed but there won’t be more than a couple, and those will probably be couched in terms designed to make him seem the village idiot, the fellow who just doesn’t have what it would take to be the President of the United States.

So, this first debate may well be rough and tumble before the evening is over.  Lester Holt may have his hands full trying to be a moderator.  Either or both candidates certainly have it in themselves to be disruptive bullies.  I earnestly hope that Donald Trump resists such urges since giving into that impulse would give everyone the “I told you so!” moment that many will have been hoping to find.

I hope that we see a well-reasoned Donald Trump who might make some grimacing faces over a few of Hillary’s answers, but who will act the role of a potential chief of state that is both a serious thinker and a quick wit.  Trump is not only vying for his spurs as a convincing candidate for the highest office in our country, he is also being rated for his ability to avoid the displays of bombastic temperament for which he is famous or infamous as you prefer.

I believe that Donald Trump has the ability to emerge as the decidedly preferred candidate; I hope he displays that ability by remaining calm, cool and collected as the old phrase goes.  That will drive Hillary Clinton nuts since she’ll be working to get him to be a vocal wingnut in front of the nation’s viewers/voters.

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