America, We Have A Problem…

Bombings in New York City are not an everyday occurrence, but somehow the distance and familiarity of that as a periodic target seems to make the occurrences something less onerous for those of us in Mid-America.

BUT, then we are awakened here in Mid-America when a series of stabbings is reported in a mall in St. Cloud, MN.  As if that alone was not sufficiently alarming, ISIS soon laid claim to having been the cause of this Somali-American’s stabbing trek through the mall.  The voice of ISIS, AMAQ, said, “The executor of the stabbing attacks in Minnesota…was a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls to target the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition”.

The St. Cloud Times newspaper pointed out that there still had not, at that point, been a statement by our government to the effect this was a terrorist act.  The statement is a mere formality.  We know what it was, and we know there are more of these kinds of attacks forthcoming.

Would things have been different under a conservative president?  I think/hope they would’ve been different.  I think we would’ve been quite capable of recognizing that there might be some ‘sleepers’ amongst the Somali-American community and that we might have been a bit more aware, a bit more vigilant.

Although, the FBI Director reports to the President of the United States this President is not-at-all sufficiently concerned…apparently…with terrorism stateside, and only begrudgingly deals with that situation when something such as these stabbings triggers a need for some kind of acknowledgment.  Laying this solely at the feet of the FBI Director does not also accord responsibility to our President as should be done.

We have a problem and sticking our collective heads in the sand will not make the problem disappear.  We have a problem that stems in part from the people who have come to our country from countries torn with strife and which are comparatively economically poor. We are the proverbial ‘melting pot’, and we are stronger as the result.  If, however, we persist in the ‘ostrich with its head in the ground’ approach that seems to have been favored by President Obama, we will pay a significant price; a price much higher than pressure cooker bombs and shopping mall stabbings.

Would a President Hillary Clinton or a President Donald Trump be more likely to be responsive to our nation’s needs in this respect?  Hillary Clinton is, by all appearances, simply a white female version of the current President.  That leaves Donald Trump as the person who seems to be the best choice for those of us who recognize that we, indeed, have a problem that has been exacerbated by porous borders.  This is not “build a wall” talk; it is simply a statement of the reality we face today.  Trump seems likely to be more aggressive in this arena; in reality, almost anyone else other than Hillary Clinton probably would fill that bill.

A continuation of the current policies and the current nonchalance toward very important issues confronting our country seems ill-founded.  While Donald Trump has some rough edges, I believe his heart is in the right place on issues such as the protection of our country and our principles.  I cannot find that a strength of Hillary Clinton based on her actions to date.


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